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See our nominees for PS3 Game of the Year
PlayStation 3 powers on.

Though the Sony exclusives weren't as prominent for the year of the PS3's final hurrah, the last-gen platform's mixture of downscaled next-gen offerings, multiplatform gems, and one of the best expansions we've ever played made for a fantastic year nonetheless. Dark Souls II and its incredible add-on chapters kept us satiated whilst From Software's next-gen Souls series successor, Bloodborne, lurks on the horizon. The Last of Us: Left Behind delivered an impactful expansion, in both its narrative delivery and refined enemy encounters, of what won GameSpot's 2013 PS3 Game of the Year.

South Park: The Stick of Truth surprised us by being both a fantastic South Park game and an excellent RPG in its own right, with superb writing from series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone that hit show's high notes and poked fun at games themselves. Finally, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Dragon Age: Inquisition may look better and play smoother on next-gen systems, but their PS3 iterations still delivered solid offerings of some of the year's best stealth and role-playing experiences.

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Avatar image for townie77

these guys are stoned ,showing us this garbage.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

This promotes the idea of milkage through DLCs. Very sad moment .

Avatar image for solairedeastora

A DLC in this category and winning. Money talks.

By the way, my vote went to Dark Souls II, my personal GOTY, still playing since I buy it the day it came out.

Avatar image for slfite

Looks like my beloved PS3 is coming to an end. This certainty isn't a strong lineup. Sigh.

Avatar image for Ducez_III

I'd give it to South Park.

MGS: Ground Zeroes and TLoU: Left Behind aren't full games (imo). Dragon Age is great, but sub par on PS3. I haven't played Dark Souls 2 yet, but I'm not as excited for it as I was for Demon's Souls or the original Dark Souls.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a love letter to fans of the show. It's funny, it's a solid rpg, and it has plenty of references from the series. Playing South Park is basically like being in the show.

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Some great titles here. Would be good for South Park to win so they make another great game

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Oi oi DLC is not GOTY.

Avatar image for RaveNRolla

<< LINK REMOVED >> agreed this is nonsense. it was good storytelling and although very short it didn't really feel overpriced. but in no way can it be game of the year. DLC has its own category has it not?

on another note: do you mean 'oi' as in 'oi! mind you manners!' as spoken by a certain npc? 'cause i'd find that pretty awesome ;)