PS2 Toy Story 3 bundle due by Halloween

New $100 PlayStation 2 bundle includes copy of video game adaptation of this past summer's blockbuster.

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Next week, the PlayStation 2 will celebrate its 10th birthday in North America. Instead of throwing a party with cake and presents, Sony is releasing a new Pixar-themed $100 PS2 bundle on Halloween.

On Sunday, October 31, retailers nationwide will begin selling a new limited-edition PlayStation 2 bundle. Inside the package will be a system, a DualShock 2 controller, and a copy of the video game adaptation of this past summer’s blockbuster Toy Story 3.

Woody and company find a new home next week.
Woody and company find a new home next week.

Unlike the other versions of Toy Story 3: The Video Game, which was released on June 15, the PS2 version has yet to see release. It will debut on November 2, the Tuesday following the new bundle's release.

The PS2 debuted in October 2000 and has gone on to sell more than 146 million units, making it the best-selling home console of all time. Toy Story 3 was produced by animation studio Pixar and was released in theaters on June 18. It was one of this summer's highest-grossing films, taking in $1,058,144,168 in 18 weekends in theaters according to Box Office Mojo. For more on Toy Story 3: The Video Game, check out GameSpot's review.

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@Malhound It could very well be. I compared the GameStop pictures and they were identical. Man, I hope they do good on this...That's why I never pre-order. I wait for the reviews...

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The PS2 Slim was first released in Europe on October 26, 2004.

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Toy Story 3 for the PS2 is the same as the PSP version.

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Wait, they still make PS2 games?

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Where's plasticky Xbot version? or else my Xbot will be covered with dust..

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i find this kind of ironic since toy story 3 is all about old toys trying to find a way to survive.which is what this bundle pack is trying to do to the ps2 franchise.

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Well, I would have bought it a month ago. I really wanted a PS2 then, so I bought one.

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Probably not getting the bundle, cuz i have a ps2 already, but will probably get the game, if it isn't another cheap port. Nice of them to go back and remake for PS2 anyways.

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They cant discontinue the ps2 because the ps3 doesn't have backwards compatibility for those who say it should die

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congratz to the ps2

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PS2 needs to die. Sony should take it out back and give it the 'Ol Painless treatment. Seriously, I'm not trying to be a jerk here, PS2's time has passed, now is PS3's time and PS2 just keeps cutting into that. Let PS2 die........Let it die with dignity.

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@nissanmaxima, you should let a Sony a chance. I was the same as you, but when I start giving other companies a chance, I was welcome with great stuff, and found that I missed alot. I never said you had a ps2, or anything from Sony. But you should give people a chance, if you don't then you'll never realize what you missed. If you play any of PS3 exclusives, you would start to think differently. I don't like Microsoft, but I always gave a chance.

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@ex-darkblade u didn't read my comments correctly then i said i had alot of trouble with the sony PS1, i never said i had a PS2 (my brother had the PS2 & 3). plus i have had lots of problems with sony products period. here some examples. i have had several sony surround sound receivers for my home theater and they all messed up beause they stunk (im talking a real surround receiver not cheap stuff) i now have a tight THX certified yamaha receiver model RX-V1400 now handling my surround sound needs that i have had for like 5 yrs now. in the late 90's i had bought a sony cd player/ radio receiver for my car, only kept it for 2 days cause it was a piece of junk. i had a sony personal cd player in the early 90's and it messed up cause it was a piece of junk. As a matter of fact i went with HD DVD (i got 31 HD DVD movies) first because i cant stand sony products, but since Blue Ray won the format war i had to get a Blue Ray player (not a sony though even though i know sony gets some money cause it is there format). so i am anti-sony period. i think there products stink. oh yeah my brother is on his 3rd PS3, i still have my original xbox360 that i bought in Oct of 2006.

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Astronomers should have a constellation named after the Playstation 2. Yes, it's that good. Whether you like the PS2 or not, you still need to respect it for the contribution it has made to gaming.

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why is it $100? Ripoff

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@nissanmaxima, hate what? I don't hate Xbox 360, and Xbox at all, the Xbox fanboys I don't like. No Xbox fanboy ever understands my comments, I don't get it why, just understand my point. I am trying to say cool it, Sony does give great products, Microsoft doesn't, most of their products has flaws. I know your experience with ps2 was bad, but the ps2 to many people, was great. All I want to say is stop trolling, don't say you aren't, you are, and all systems have flaws, and ups. Every system is great, and stop your fanboyness.

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I love PS2s and I'm glad they're still crankin' 'em out.

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I'd be suprised if it sold more than 100 units worldwide

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@sholbrook12 LMAO!!!!!!

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Imagine a kid gets all excited on Christmas day as he opens up a video game console-sized package, and realizes its the PS2 with toy story... I'd call it the perfect disappointment gift

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you are right the gamecube did have better graphics ps2. back then i had to pick between the gamecube and the xbox (i didnt want another sony cause i had to buy 3 sony ps1's. the whole turn ps1 upside down to play a game and other silly problems). as a matter of fact after buying several ps1's i went with the sega dreamcast. when the ps2 came out i never wanted it. i went with xbox over gamecube cause i was getting to old for the main stream of nintendo's games (my opinion and i am 32 yrs old [at that time i was 23 @ that time])

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To be fair the Gamecube had better graphics than the PS2 also. I couldn't care less which looked better, I want a solid experience and was always willing to spend my money on what I felt would give me that experience regardless of what system it was on. Not everyone can afford to own all systems so some people have to make a choice. Nobody is wrong for the choice they make because in the end we are all gamers and it shouldn't matter what we go with. I'm happy to see that the PS2 hasn't run out of steam yet, it deserves praise for standing up and still making money.

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@m8inseezun i guess u missing the point. first of all, i am not a rabid halo fan. i only bought halo 1-3. i never bought halo wars, odst, or reach (never will). secondly mw2 is on the ps3 also last time i checked (besides i think infinity ward dropped the ball on mw2 multiplayer. no where as good as cod 4 or WAW) thirdly, i dont care what you say, the ps2 sucked in the grahics department compared to orig xbox (go look at any review on this site for any game that were on both consoles back then, xbox always had better graphics). ps2 came out first and was sony's second console where xbox was microsoft first. so people where already on the sony band wagon. thats no different than when the sega genesis was out and the super nes was out. the super nes was better than the genesis in every way but the genesis sold way more cause it came out first (even though it stunk compared to the super nes). also like i commented the ps2 online was horrible (dial up & high speed playing together online was terrible). speaking facts. i am not a fanboy never have been. i have had nintendo, (NES, SUPER NES, & N64) sega ( i had DREAMCAST. [my brother had sega master system, genesis with add on sega cd and sega 32x, and sega saturn]), sony (PS1) and microsoft consoles (orig xbox & 360). my brother chose to go with the ps2 & ps3. over the years i have been there done that. so calling me a fanboy, how about you can go play in traffic.

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@nissanmaxima = a bitter, blithering XBot fanboy who's played way toooooo many MW2 and Halo. Sorry to break it to you, but PS2 >>> your pathetic green/black console that simply couldn't, even after 10 years. Sad really. Which is why MS desperately NEEDED to rush the 360 out the gates :lol: How 'bout you run and gun along with your "hardcore" shooters, and pretend you're super hardcore and tough talking through your mic.

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@ex-darkblade hate all you want. ps2 was not in same league as orig xbox. plus like i said the ps2 online was horrible. i seem to remember one of my friends having one playing online with his high speed internet having to play with people on dial up. what a laggy joke. xbox live has always been better than what sony offers. on top of that u use ps3 & wii for comparision? u should have said xbox360 and ps3. nintendo was not going for graphics at all with the wii. both ps2 & xbox orig where going for graphics.

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Really something that the PS2 is actually still selling enough to warrant a bundle being conceived with recent software.

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@nissanmaxima, the original Xbox was a powerful system, but ps2 had more games then the original Xbox. Its like comparing the Wii to PS3, both system are great. Don't ruin the article with your Xbox fanboyness.

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A long over due bundle,could be great 10 years ago...

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I personally would rather have a firmware patch to the slim PS3 but I guess this is cool. I just hope this doesn't mean that Sony is planning to eclipse the 10 year plan they had for the PS2. I loved the system, but I think it's time to start trying to phase it out and give its owner reason again to buy the PS3. It made a lot more sense to keep it around when you were selling the PS3 at the ridiculous price of $500-600, but now you've got the price down to a point where adding PS2 support would give it a boost amongst the PS2 crowd as well as others.

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they still selling the crapstation 2? i could care less that it sold way more than the orig xbox. just remember sony fan boys. the orig xbox was more powerful and the games always looked better on it that the crapstation 2 version of same game. plus xbox live on orig xbox was a million times better than that free crap sony has.

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If I wanted a PS2 I'd buy a used one from Ebay or amazon

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PS2 will always have a special place in my heart.

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I thought this was going to be about that box-set that I've heard about with all three movies on blu-ray in a box shaped like Andy's toy box. I'm disappointed in you, Gamespot.

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At first I just thought it was for the game and I was like "WTF?!" With a PS2 makes a little more sense. They should package it with a Toy Story blu-ray disc!

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Pretty smooth of you to continue selling the PS2 like you are, Sony.

Microsoft just kinda dropped the original Xbox the moment they could. Probably for the better though. Imagine how screwed up the 360 would've been early on if they tried to support both consoles! They'd probably mess it up so bad that it would Red Ring instantly and spread it to your Windows-based computer!

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and/ the people who are buying them are the one's whose old ps2s are broken and don't have a ps3 that's compatible.

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playstation 2? umm..ok

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I can picture it now: "Jimmy get's a PS3 and a Blu Ray copy for Christmas, and I get THIS old crap?!" :roll:

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What I like to know is who is actually still buying PS2. By now you would think that everyone already owns one

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It's amazing that they are still selling the PS2 for $100. It seems like people just don't stop buying PS2's. The last time I saw an NPD report on PS2 sales it was still over 100,000 units in a single month. This was some time this year. It appears as if Sony is going to extend the life of the PS2 past the 10 year mark... simply amazing...