PS2 Psychonauts pushed back

Newsletter from developer Double Fine Productions says the Sony version of its mind-warping adventure needs to cook "a bit longer."



When it was first announced in 2002, Psychonauts was to be published by Microsoft as an Xbox-exclusive platformer. But after the game was dropped by Microsoft and then picked up by Majesco, PC and PlayStation 2 versions of the game, created by Grim Fandango designer Tim Schafer, were unveiled.

However, today PS2 owners eager to enter Psychonauts' twisted world got a bit of bad news in the latest Bootcamp Bulletin, the e-newsletter from developer Double Fine Productions. Underneath the headline, "A Special Heartfelt Message to our PlayStation 2 Owners," the newsletter contained the following:

"Psychonauts is a HUGE game. It is a lengthy game. It is an incredible game. And it is taking us just a little bit longer to get this into your mits (sic). Do not distress. Do not collapse in defeat. Soon enough, the Budcat development team will ride to retail on their magnificent white stallions, rescuing despairing PS2 gamers across the land who eagerly await the release of Psychonauts for their beloved system. The thunder of hooves is just off in the distance...We will be on the lookout and keep you informed!"

While it was clear about saying that the PS2 Psychonauts was delayed, The Bootcamp Bulletin did not say when it would be released. EB Games now lists it as shipping on June 1, but that is likely a speculative date. The newsletter contained no updates on the PC and Xbox versions of the game, meaning they are presumably still on track for release next week.

GameSpot's previous coverage has more on Psychonauts' long and winding road to release. PC gamers can check it out for themselves via the demo on GameSpot DLX.

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