PS2 Primarily Used As DVD Player?

According to a survey conducted in Japan, more than 60 percent of the participants said they are using the PS2 primarily as a DVD player.


Nikkei Online recently conducted a survey of 4,381 PlayStation2 owners - 2,567 of whom have already bought the system, 1,027 of whom are planning to purchase it, and 787 of whom are undecided as to whether they will buy one. Among those who bought the system, 74 percent said they bought it for games and DVD movies, 20 percent for games alone, and six percent for DVD movies only. In actuality, however, 52 percent of the participants who own the PlayStation2 said they are currently using the system for games, and 15 percent said they're using it for DVD movies.

The survey also showed that 53 percent of those polled bought at least one to five new DVD movies, 30 percent are renting one to five DVD movies for the system, and 23 percent did not buy or rent any, as they're using the system purely for games. This data showed that the PS2 made an impression on the general public as a DVD player, not just as a video game console. Although that may be the case, owners taking the poll said that the current DVD interface on the PS2 still needs improvement. We hope to see a remote control for watching DVD movies with ease on the PS2 in the near future.

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