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PS2-on-PS4 Release Date And Price Announced For Star Ocean 3

The PS2 RPG is coming out next week on PS4, and its price is a bit on the high side.


Square Enix announced today that players will be able to check out Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on PS4 on May 23.

Till the End of Time is the third main installment in the popular Star Ocean series, and it originally launched back in February 2003 for PS2. It was developed by Tri-Ace and launched to fairly positive commercial and critical reception; GameSpot gave it a 7.9. It launched on PS4 in Japan back in March, and you can see the Japanese launch trailer below.

The PS4 port will include trophies, PS4 Share functionality, and Remote Play support. According to a press release from publisher Square Enix, Till the End of Time will cost you $21--making it one of the more expensive PS2-on-PS4 games released so far.

It's the latest in a number of PS2 games that Sony's brought to PS4. Last week, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland were released on PS4. You can check out the full list of PS2-on-PS4 games here.

The most recent installment in the Star Ocean series is Integrity and Faithlessness, which launched last year on PS4 to lukewarm reception.

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