PS2 and GC Pandora Tomorrows dated

The Splinter Cell sequel will arrive in June and July for the PS2 and GC, respectively.


Buried underneath all the E3 hoopla last week was a Ubisoft announcement nailing down the release dates for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube editions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. In America, the Sony console version of the game will ship on June 18, and the Nintendo edition will arrive on July 1. In Europe, the two games will arrive on June 10 and July 2, respectively.

Although delayed from their original ship dates, both versions of the game will now come with exclusive content not found in the Xbox or PC versions. Both will feature a new mission deep in the Indonesian jungle, alternate pathways in revisited missions, and postmission statistics and scoring. Both will also have new booby-trap gameplay, which will allow players to defuse explosive devices with the controller similar to how they pick locks with it.

The PlayStation 2 version will get exclusive in-mission situation reports (which can be listened to via the PlayStation 2 headset) and will be "the first game to use moving dynamic lighting technology" on Sony's console.

GameCubers get some Nintendo-only goodies as well in the form of Game Boy Advance connectivity. They will be able to use the GBA to view a visual layout of their surroundings, including enemy positions, and will be able to remotely control in-game devices like turrets and computers. Owners of the Game Boy Advance Pandora Tomorrow will be able to unlock and upload eight new missions by completing missions in the GameCube edition.

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