PS Vita with HDMI, USB ports patented

Sony files patent application for updated version of portable device with two new ports.


A new version of the PlayStation Vita could include HDMI and USB ports. A patent application (via PatentBolt) filed last year--but published this month--details a new configuration of the device with additional ports.

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The official PS Vita FAQ page states that Sony has no plans to introduce a video output option for the device, though that information is current only as of August 2012.

No additional information was provided, and a Sony representative declined to comment.

Sony is gathering media for a PlayStation Meeting in New York City on February 20 where the company is expected to announce the PlayStation 4.

If Sony does have a new PS Vita model to unveil, it is possible the company would do so during this event, though this is, of course, not confirmed.

Sony recently slashed PS Vita sales projections by 3 million units.

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