PS Vita launches February 22

Sony confirms early 2012 European, North American, and Australian release date, pricing, for next handheld gaming system.


The PlayStation Vita finally has a release date. Sony today confirmed that its next portable gaming system will arrive in North America, Europe, Latin America, Australasia, the Middle East, and Africa on February 22. That puts the system's international launch two months after its Japanese debut, as Sony confirmed a December 17 bow for the hardware in its home territory of Japan.

Look for this PS Vita packaging when the system hits in February.
Look for this PS Vita packaging when the system hits in February.

A Wi-Fi-only version of the Vita will cost $249, and a Wi-Fi/3G model will retail for $299. European pricing for the console will be €249 (Wi-Fi) and €299 (Wi-Fi/3G), while Japanese pricing will be ¥24,980 (Wi-Fi) and ¥29,980 (Wi-Fi/3G).

In Australia, the Vita will cost A$450 for the Wi-Fi/3G model, and A$350 for the Wi-Fi-only version, while in the UK the 3G version will cost £279.99, and the Wi-Fi-only version will retail for £229.99.

While the launch dates and prices for the PS Vita are set, there remain a number of questions regarding the handheld. For one, the international launch lineups remain unknown. The Japanese lineup has already been detailed as consisting of 26 titles, among them Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Lord of Apocalypse. Additionally, Sony has said the system's US-based 3G service will be provided by AT&T, but hasn't revealed any pricing for the data plans, or whether they would be contractual or monthly.

For more on the system, check out GameSpot's extensive PS Vita Inside & Out hardware feature.

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Can somebody please tell me that is the ps vita really will come out in all of middle east in feb22?

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The thing I'm worried about with the Vita is memory. I've got a PSP Go and its a great console but everything's a really tight squeeze even with an extra 16 gig card.

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better than never

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shame they couldnt have brought it forward for xmas but oh well...

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@the_mercenary the PSN bought ones should be backward compatible If Britain has a bad winter like last year sony will of shot themselves in the foot and missing out on the western christmas market another bad sign too. Still i can't wait for it to come out

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So will the Vita be backward compatible with the PSP titles that are purchased through the PSN Store? Or will we have to buy them all over for the vita. I'm still not clear on that so if any one can enlighten me with some info I would appreciate it.

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Awesome as a foursome

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Finally! Very curious about the << LINK REMOVED >> will be available at launch... << LINK REMOVED >> will be an instant buy! :D

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@metalkitten I didn't call you a "dude". But whatever ma'am. I read up and yes they said they are getting ports, BUT MOST OF THE MAJOR TITLES WILL BE BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP. So yeah, I may have been a wee bit mistaken. HAHAHA no. I wont look on your profile and see what games you like. *clicks on profile* haha

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should be fun to play.

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@Monopoman yeah digital content works for the things you listed but you have to take a lot of other things into consideration. most of the game on ipod ipad and android phone are small. can you imagine if you have to download a game like uncharted ? now lets say you have 10 games and each game is a few GB in size ? where will you store all that contents. I think even the ipad max out at 64GB. digital contents will probably be the future, but we're not completely ready for it yet.

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Can't wait! I just don't understand why a built in harddrive wasn't added to the Vita's list of impressive specs. The PSP Go did at least prove that Sony is capable doing this...

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@GameMaster1995 my game taste is pretty mixed if u bothered to check up which games i own im a female so dont call me son, man, dude... dude even translates as something really rude to my language im not surpriced u didnt even mention that u were completely wrong about the vita not getting ports read all about something before u say something next time

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@metalkitten You gettin man, SON? (its like dude...but where i come from its son...) Im not saying your taste "suck" im just happy that I don't have the same taste as you because I'd get bored if your taste omits those great games I listed... Game In Peace....

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@raphaelcoelho15 Despite the losses both Sony and Nintendo are experiencing, they'll both be fine. No worries! It's all about the games, Nintendo and Sony's first party exclusives will always keep them in the game.

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@Ryu667 In Brazil we will pay R$1000 for the Vita and the dollar/real is just 1 to 1,75. Just because of the big number of taxes ( and it's high values of course). So, the wi-fi version would cost here (without taxes), R$437,50, but the taxes make it's value double. Yeah, hard huh?

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@Hig1134 Thanks dude !!! But, imagine if that happens? I mean, what Nintendo would do right? I mean, the biggest difference (until now, because Nintendo still didn't said anything about Wii U's system) of this currently generation and the next is that controller and then Sony comes and do it with a handheld. Hope Big N never ends. thanks for explain it to me. And, besides it's not like the Wii U controller, i will definetely buy it !!!

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The Vita is a thing of beauty!

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@raphaelcoelho15 You won't be able to switch the game between your TV and the Vita, so no, it won't work the same. Only games that are formatted to play on both your PS3 and Vita will be able to be played on either system, such as Ruin. But that won't be a "quick switch" like the Wii U. What they mean is that you can pair the Vita with your PS3 and control PS3 games with it, which is pretty cool but not something I would ever use, as the Dualshock 3 is the best way to play PS3(IMO, anyway). Hope this helps!

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I don't get the logic behind the fact that europeans have to pay the exact same amount of cash WHEN THE FVCKING EURO IS MORE WORTH THAN THE FVCKING DOLLAR. Euro/Dollar 1.37 to 1, That means Europeans (and others) have to pay a hundred dollars more for the same product!!! I'll buy the Vita the moment it can be hacked. And i am gonna get it outside of europe for the same prize the US and Japan gets it without fvcking taxes and custom duties, even if i have to break the fvcking law.

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It really can work as a PS3 controller too? becasue, if it does, it could work almost or exactly the same way as the new Wii U controller am i right or not? correct me if i'm wrong

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I'm looking forward to this system, i'm not going to lie. I don't want handheld gaming to turn into nothing but Smartphones and iPods. i've had too many great experiences playing REAL handheld games from Gameboy to DS to PSP. Buttons, always buttons.

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Into there i will keep enjoying my lovely PSP hehe!

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so what about us who purchased the PSPgo, can we trade it in for this one?

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I just wonder the battery life on this thing. I hope its sufficient enough... But I'm excited for the release! It looks great at first glance :)

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@Monopoman I 100% agree and I love my psp go

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I'm anxious to find out how much 3G payent will cost in Australia and it will actually be paid. I'm a little pissed off that it costs so much here, but it's something that we Australians have learned to live with. I may just get ADSL2 and a router if the 3G payment is too expensive. I'll still get it though; I want to keep the option open. Time to start saving up, I guess. To people who are complaining about not being able to play UMDs, is it really that stressful to use an old console? Some people want everthing served to them on a silver platter. Why do people have to complain about little things that are so easily resolved?

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Yes! i will be able 2 get this for my bday

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And for all the Aussies out there, threes no way we are going to pay 100 dollars more than the Americans for this F*** that i will buy it online if i have too why do they always take advantage of us ...

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looks to casual Sony should have a bit more of a spark or creative box art

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So if I get the 3G version , what should I use that 3G for at the realease ? ( since it is new release ) and imo it will waste your money to pay the 3G service for the first month since you dont know what to do with that 3G service ( at the first month ) .

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I hope they do a boarderland game =]

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Bad pun nominees: a) VITA hath no fury like a VITA'S scorned b) Its VITA time! c) Can you smell what the VITAs cooking? d) The VITA man cometh e) My first just quenched for the VITA f) VITA..that means life right? g) Thats what VITA said

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I already put 249.99 (including tax) at GameStop for mine so I can just pick it up and buy the games Feb. 22. What a ways away. :(

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It's humurous when people talk about the PSP Go as the reason why purely digitial platforms will fail when you look at.. Ipod Ipad Iphone Android Tablets Android Phones All of these devices are "purely digital" people and they are doing quite well. PSP Go would have done better if they would have made it a different platform all together. The problem was they had to convince people that already owned a PSP and UMD games to buy another PSP then re-buy their collection on the digital platform.

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@Fallen_syn you clearly don't understand how the vita 3g system is going to work. you get 100h "free" when you get the 3g version and that will last you AGES, also the wi-fi version (likely) won't have the sim slot so if you decide later down the line that you want 3g your screwed unless you buy a new console....

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@baconater87 I agree but the vita can play digital psp games but for umds it isn't that hard to take out your old system to play them so I really don't know why people are making a big deal about and all that I have done is to tell people that they can play digital psp games on the vita

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i know its not backwards compatible but how freaking hard is it to get out a old game console

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299$ for Wi-Fi/3G model? I don't care what's cramped in the Vita it's not worth it and besides do you even need 3G in a frickin' handheld?

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@metalkitten actually there are games in the launch window that I don't want there will probably be over 20 games at launch in the US just like it is to be in Japan well actually they already announced the launch line up in Japan it is 26 games I believe and they have announced that on the vita digital games will be cheaper than physical well at least for Japan but I'm pretty sure it be like that every where

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@astro_viper i agree with what u say and therefor i highly doubt sony when they say theyre working around to get the umd to work for vita i also agree that it cannot be called backcompatiable if ure forced to redownload games or only downloadable psp games will work on the vita cause ure right - that would mean wii would be back compatiable to nes and 3ds to gba, nes etc and its not - u can only buy or get some of those games for free - it wont let u pop in a disk of them so to say like u can pop in a ds - which means its ds back compatiable only however only some ps2 worked on the first version (only) of the ps3 and as far as i know and tried all my ps1 games work for any model of ps3 (i doubt regioncoded ones will work though since its only ps3 who is regionfree) - i8m counting the ps2 disk u pop into the ps3 now and not the ones u download for a price but theyre still selling ps2 so why bother to fix it? if my ps2 break ill have to buy a ps2...

Avatar image for metalkitten

@shadowhunter1 also - there is not a single full game u can download for psp or ps3 that is cheaper online than offline - at first yeah but games lower prizes fast in off and online stores - online psn - not also u forgetting collectors im all for downloading some indiegames and stuff but i want my fullgames full and cheap and special editions - no downloadable crap - i got way too many games and im a huge gamecollector - theres no way a hardrive or card is good enough for me to have all games i want in digital versions only and why would i want it that way?

Avatar image for metalkitten

wow shadowhunter - it means u actually want all games even announced in stores both in europe and canada (online) - and theyre not all launchtitles must be an amazing fit for u to just happen to want all of them?!?! good for u!

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@GameMaster1995 then dont label me as a son... and its been shown in several articles that disagea3 a ps3 only game is in fact gonna be ported to vita - how could u have missed that since ure so into vita? if u in fact hear sony state otherwise then sony has been lying either there or in the articles before - wait e3...they annonced the port since then...!!! sorry sony lied and u need to read up on vita articles and release titles nobody is superior to another - taste in games is just taste in games i stated my taste in games and urs basing on what games u wanted i said ur gametaste were western mainstream (u can check statistics for that) - u say if i dont like a game u like then my taste suck... very mature

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@metalkitten Ok ch-ch-check this out son. Sony said during E3 that there would be NO PORTS of any PS3 games to the PSV. All PSV games will be, and I quote, "Built from the ground up". Interesting little bit there. "Western mainstream player"? Sound like someone wants to put unnecessary labels so they can feel superior. But whatever, you have your..."nonmainsteam" games, because if they don't include the collaboration of two of the greatest fighting games of all time (Street Fighter x Tekken) then they sound like they kind of suck...

Avatar image for moviequest14

@shadowhunter0 : But they still have to get to a hotspot to be able to download it.Going all digital is an entirely different story...I think the front we see right now is only a cover-up for what most developers have in will be just like the many ads did you see when it first became MASSIVELY popular? But now you can't even go into a news article to watch a video without 4 banner ads,2 pop-up ads,1 page ad (that you have to look at the ad before continuing to the actual next page) and a video ad.Once we are trapped into digital age you will start having to watch video ads while your game is downloading..not to mention the easy over-use possible with f2p and the fact that the game will never actually be yours..just a digital replica of it that will have double the dlc .

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Im still confused. Will it be able to play UMD's? Or will I have to download the games?

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PSVITA *droolllssss*

Avatar image for astro_viper

@ shadowhunter0 "it is that kind of attitude that is slowing the digital age down." Uh, care to share some stats? Steam is doing just fine, as are many others. The rights I am referring to are the rights to do what I want with what I purchase. Used games for instance. If I'm done playing something and I want to buy something new, I can trade in my old game to get a discount or sell it privately to raise some cash. This money gets reinvested. Sure, companies aren't getting a slice of the resale, but VW also didn't get a slice of my Jetta when I sold it. There is no trading or swapping in the digital world. Until they remedy that, I won't be swayed. Related to this problem is that the ability to collect and archive games becomes more difficult. My other complaint about digital games is that if a company (both hardware and software) goes belly up (which has happened to many, many companies in the video game industry), there is a good chance that I will no longer be able to purchase products for something that I have invested in. However, with physical copies, I can continue to enjoy new experiences on that product for many years to come. Of course, there is no precedent yet for a digitally based video game company going belly up (that I'm aware of), but there are plenty of other examples of both hardware and software giants going under.

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

and there are at least 10 games that I want that is in the vita launch window and there will be more than that release in it launch window but so far 10 of them are games that I want