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Game of the Year 2013

PS Vita Game of the Year 2013 Winner

Which game takes our top honor for Sony's handheld console?

If you ever hear someone claim that video games have become too violent and cynical, all you need to do is point them in the direction of Tearaway. Media Molecule's latest effort is a delightful adventure brimming with warmth and imagination, making clever use of the Vita's touch inputs as it guides you on an adventure through a vibrant papercraft world.

Tearaway isn't afraid to break the fourth wall, and that willingness to go a little bit crazy is a big part of the game's charm. You exist in this world as a mysterious face in the sky thanks to the Vita's front-facing camera, seeing your own fingers pop through the floor when you tap on the rear touch pad. Combined with the ability to design new cut-outs to populate the world with characters and scenery rooted in your own imagination and what you get is a game that's overflowing with its own personality and the tools to let you share in on the fun. But no matter whether you're drawing crude stick figures our recreating the Mona Lisa, Tearaway is an absolute delight.

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I finished Tearaway yesterday. It's one of the best games I've played this year. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The world that MM has created here, it truly is something special. It's so inventive and full of character. I loved it.

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Teraway looks great, hope that with the PS4 the Vita get more games.

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A GREAT game won instead of a SUPERB~

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Killzone didn´t make the list...odd

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You guys are not qualified for your job. Every year up until last year I looked forward to the Gamespot game of the year nominations. It was more important to me than the Emmy or Oscar nominations! At least those people in Hollywood open letters to read the winners.

Again you are not qualified for what your title position is. I'm an Electrician; therefore, I do electrical work. You are game reviews; therefore, you are supposed to review games. Your half heartiness is evident in your reviews and nominations. Gamespot:


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<< LINK REMOVED >> Maybe your are a shitty electrician. How are we supposed to know you are qualified with you simply saying "I'm an electrician".

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I take it you didn't care for Tearaway, huh?

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Game of the year was really boring because you had a picture of the WINNER on the link to watch! This took all the fun out of it. In the past it was nice that the game of the year was a surprise unless you watched the video; you had a small glimpse of each nominee and then ended the video with the winner. Why didn't you do that this time? I did not watch your "reviews" because the winner was all over the screen. Boring.

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Games like Tearaway actually make really good use of touchscreen input. The Vita needs more games of this sort: it proves the Vita is a true upgrade from the PSP, as opposed to just having flashier graphics.

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I suppose with "Tearaway" they really mean "Soul Sacrifice"....

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<< LINK REMOVED >>I should really play Soul Sacrifice, huh? Maybe I'll just shelve Persona 3 Portable for a while...

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Trust me, Soul Sacrifice should be Vita's GOTY...

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Trust you. I have both. Don't listen to grbolivar. Tearaway destroys Soul Sacrifice in every way imaginable.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Telling people what their favorite game should be.

Solid intelligence bro.

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Gamespot logic: take a game that scored an 8 and make it GOTY for vita when there's another game that scored a 9

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<< LINK REMOVED >> an 8 is a great score, but I think it still deserves better. I own all of those games save Divekick and Stealth, Inc. It wouldn't be an easy choice, but I think they are right, Tearaway is the best

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Why do you all insist on thinking the review score from one person is based on every opinion at Gamespot? Only ONE person reviewed the game. Everyone voted and obviously came to the conclusion that Tearaway is the best game on the Vita!

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you're an idiot

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Well I prefer for the GOTY to go to an exclusive that really stands out of the various games than games which are available of multiple platforms.

Also, times change and the scales change. It's like when the sequel of a game is better in everything, yet it scores less than the original.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I guess that reviewer's opinion wasn't shared by the rest of the Gamespot staff. It might actually be that simple - a different opinion.

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Exactly, I've seen multiple writers on Gamespot call Metro 2033 one of the best horror/shooter games of the past few years, and yet it only got a 7 on here. So it really just varies from staff member to staff member.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> well, regardless of score, Tearaway deserves GOTY. Brilliant game despite some technical flaws.

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noooooope Killzone. by far.

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glad tearaway won but can't believe divekick got nominated and killzone never

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Nope. Killzone.

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Glad to see Tearaway won this, I love that game

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I don't have a VITA or really care who won the GOTY, but I can't help but notice that the winner has a lower score than Guacamelee. Seems to me GS kinda shot themselves in the foot since it highlights that their scores are inconsistent and haphazardly decided upon.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> are people really this stupid?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Games aren't reviewed (or atleast shouldnt be) compared to other games but rather how they are on their own account.

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well its a good thing we all dont like the same things variety is needed, as for the chioce i dont really agree but i also never tried it or care to try it not my cup of tea.

conspiracy teories aside those scores is from one reviewers opinion, the title is the sum of all there opinions, as just like i said in the first line, variety and not everyone likes the same thing

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<< LINK REMOVED >> One person writes the review. As far as I know, one person decides the game's score when it comes out, but for these games of the year, multiple people decide that. Gamespot isn't the only site that has GOTYs with lower scores than other nominees.

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People IMO need to pay more attention to the PS Vita and its AAA games.

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people may dislike vita or not, ive had it for a while, not many but has some good games that look amazing.
that aside if u have a ps4, well its so kool. i was playing fifa than had to take a dump just keep playing :)well did have to stop to clean the arse:)oh and soul sacrife really good and FREE on ps plus right now!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I love my vita. gravity rush is amazing and persona 4 golden is the awesome. I wasnt a fan of soul sacrifice, but I love Ragnarok Odyssey. The quality of games are good, just don't have quantity of games. There is lots of games to come for it though. Me myself am waiting on PSO2 =)

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have all the game you mention and persona is amasing, muramasa i really liked also. ragnorak i have but did not really get that in to it to play much.

what i would love to see is a fire emblem awakening kinda game looking orgasmic on the vita

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Seems like a worth winner, I haven't played it myself. Soul Sacrifice should have been nominated though.

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What's a PS Vita game? This category sounds made up.

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Wow... I didn't see this one coming. Interesting choice.

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The Show, Soul Sacrifice and Killzone made my year on Vita.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It's the same developers as Little Big Planet, hardly exactly an Indie company, nor is this an indie game.

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It's not an indie you pathetic shill.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> you do realized that Tearaway is a first party Sony title right?

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lol they used the Wii U review for Rayman

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I´ll have to pick it up some day. Right now i am still busy with Persona 4 and Rayman Legends, which are both wonderful games.