PS Vita First Edition bundle coming a week early

Sony's forthcoming handheld to be available February 15 for those willing to buy it in bundle form; includes a copy of Little Deviants.


The PlayStation Vita's Western launch date is set for February 22, but Sony is providing a way for its "most loyal fans" to get their hands on the system a week early.

Little Deviants is the latest title from the studio that brought you MotorStorm Arctic Edge and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.
Little Deviants is the latest title from the studio that brought you MotorStorm Arctic Edge and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

Announced today via the PlayStation Blog, the PS Vita First Edition bundle will be available in the US and Canada on February 15 for those who preorder. Priced at $349 and $299, respectively, the US package includes a 3G version of the system, while the Canadian edition will be Wi-Fi only. These prices represent a $50 premium over a stand-alone system.

Aside from the variance in connectivity options, the contents of the bundles are identical across regions. The package will include a PS Vita system, a copy of Bigbig Studios' Little Deviants, a 4GB PS Vita Memory Card, and a limited edition case.

Little Deviants is set to deliver a series of minigames broken up into 30 levels. The game employs many PS Vita-specific features, such as the rear touch panel, motion sensors, cameras, and microphone. An augmented reality shooting minigame is also slated for inclusion.

Preorders are available today via "select retailers," with the early access offered for a "limited time."

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Avatar image for shadowalucard18

I'm just getting the wi-fi ps vita and games. I don't want little deviants until I try it out first the gameplay videos ain't moving me to get this bundle.

Avatar image for JETS-JETS-JETS

Passing on the bundle. I want it now but I am waiting already so I can wait another week for my Vita WiFi model with Uncharted Golden Abyss at launch.

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

I want a vita now but I can wait until this bundle gets release

Avatar image for JtAgentX

rikardo78, The PSP Slim and Lite wasn't released until 2007, thats 2 years after the original PSP. A slightly modified model was released a year after, followed by the PSP Go in 2009. It wasn't really mandatory to upgrade since it was only physical changes. So need to worry with the Vita

Avatar image for min82

I wonder how the battery life will fare with the 3G connection, and since its a gaming device, it ought to churn out at least 4hrs of gameplay in my opinion.

Avatar image for moviequest14

@WolfGrey : While my view might be a little bit extreme,I find that if a person is really a true fan of a game they will be willing to buy a system when 2 of that game are coming out to that system,and if they aren't willing to than they aren't that big of a fan anyways.And yes,there have been many titles that interest me that are platform exclusive to another system,but if I was interested enough I would buy them but I won't complain when it is my own choice NOT too buy that system. You,I,and everyone else here knows that the 3ds will NEED exclusives to even survive this generation..even more so to be successful in it.If all that is offered is watered down ports of Vita games than the 3ds doesn't have a snowball in hell's chance of making it out of the ''war''.

Avatar image for Resistance208

I want the vita but its too expensive, especially if you already have a ps3. The system looks great but the games don't seem to be that different from the games on the ps3. They cost about the same too $45-$60(depending on the game). The vita itself looks great but beside a few games most of the games are just ps3 games like marvel vs capcom but portable. MvC3 is gonna feel about the same on the ps3 and the connection will be better if you want to play online. And unless you have 3g thats where your gonna play online, at your house. Might as well save the $310+ and buy the game for $60 on the ps3. The vita has great potential but im sure most of the launch titles won't use it to its full potential. Its better to wait 6 months or a year and then get the vita, it might have a discount and the developers will make better games. Look at the ds the launch games were great but the best games came out later on. Im sure uncharted golden abyss will be fun but not more fun than uncharted 3 so you might as well just buy for the ps3 then pick up the vita when they have worked out all the launch problems and lowered the price. And if you get the 3g your gonna spend way too much money for what you get in return. The battery will die way too fast so you will have to get the sony battery pack which is probably $80-$100 (triple the battery life) then the 3g connection card is $50 or $60 for 100 hours.

Avatar image for rikardo78

kinda wanting to buy this day one but i hope they dont make a newr version every like five months like they did with the psp

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

@antonior10087 umm no that is just the game they are bundling with the system which is kinda great idea because that game show you all the features of the vita also it looks kinda fun to play there will be an uncharted game (brand new game in the seriers and not a remake) little big plante modnation racers and bunch of other games at launch date

Avatar image for antonior100876

so... they have the most advanced mobile playing system and this is the best game they could came up with?

Avatar image for benboz

Definitely getting this

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

@NoblesseOblige3 there is 2 mgs game coming to the vita << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

@sjawz3288 yeah it is also better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

@Ringx55 same that is exatly what I use my psp go for I don't just use it to play games I also use for other stuff has well

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

@ToTs_00 not true everyone that I know that wants a vita and its allot of people is getting the 3g version

Avatar image for shadowhunter0

Little Deviants seems like a great game to play for couple of minute to couple of hours and that guy playing it in that video sucks and I'm picking up this bundle day 1

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@moviequest14 The main reason the Wii-exclusive got the rating that it did is because they finally got their head out of their butts and upgraded the series. I have played every currently released monster hunter to date.MHP3rd actually runs even smoother than Tri.Better looks,far smoother hitframes, and many many more features the series needed. It took capcom forever to even bother upgrading the series.They finally are and they are seeing what it can do.Before Tri MH was the butt of many jokes.Now its gaining steam. However it doesn't change the fact that with how they are doing things now, they are leaving the majority of the fanbase in both here and japan behind. In order to be part of the MH series now we have to buy a 3DS.Right now its not worth it, and for me in the future it isn't worth it. There is a reason why you build up a fanbase in one place and then begin to branch out. It allows you keep all the great sales from your already established fanbase while gaining new fans.However if you switch companies entirely out of nowhere(and capcom even said for Tri it was to cut costs) then you lose alot of sales.Your getting new people sure, but you sure as hell aren't getting the all of the already YEARS established fanbase to buy it. Its just a bad move in business.Thats all.There is a few games out there that are fine multiplatform.And since the 3DS at least has gamecube power(sorry no higher) it will be able to play them fine.

Avatar image for sjawz3288

I gave in. The deciding factor was the memory card. Granted, it's not big. But we don't know how much SONY is gonna charge for the memory sticks, so I changed my preorder and paid this bundle off. Getting the console a week early, a game, a limited edition case, a memory stick, and the premium console version for only $50 dollars more than the premium regular handheld. Sounded like a fantastic idea to me. Feb 15th here I come! :D I did ask around, and was told you don't need to use 3G if you don't want to. So for people who want the Wifi only version, just leave the 3G as an option.

Avatar image for daabulls23

Can we get a wi-fi only bundle?

Avatar image for Ringx55

I shall be pre-rodering soon. My PsP has never been just a system to play games.. But listen to music, browse the internet and watch movies. I'm excited for the next step in this!

Avatar image for moviequest14

@WolfGrey : I am almost always up for platform exclusiveness when it comes to Nintendo,not that I think that MS and Sony are ''undeserving'' of these titles..but you have to admit that at the current rate of (good) exclusives there are only about 2 Nintendo exclusives for every 82 ms/sony I think that it does no harm...especially if it brings features that can enhance gameplay for that the double-screens of ds bring EXCELLENT functions to things like a map in bottom screen or easy-access inventory.The reception to Monster Hunter on Nintendo platforms had apparently been pretty good (considering the highest rated and only to exceed 5 or 6 rated title is wii-exclusive) otherwise they wouldn't be doing it 2 more times now.The bad thing about multiplatform is that more often than not the Nintendo audience gets the short end the competition gets an all out extravaganza and Nintendo users get a watered-down mess (many times)..yes there are exceptions that try to ''play fair'' like Call of Duty but it is again the exception rather than the rule. While many of the titles might not interest you (Tekken being one I forgot to mention) you do have to admit that for most they do,all of the before-mentioned titles do hold mass-popularity and with enough exclusives the 3ds will become a ''must have'' but with only a handful and the rest watered-down ports from vita (ie) the 3ds won't get much farther than just a ds-experiment.

Avatar image for CreatureRising

Still unsure if I'll be picking it up. Need to see how the games are.

Avatar image for NoblesseOblige3

Put Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid on it and I'll definitely buy the system when those games are out :)

Avatar image for JakMan500

@guitarist1980 It's like you didn't even comprehend what the article said.

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@guitarist1980 3G edition and 3G bundle. Wifi edition is still 250.

Avatar image for guitarist1980

wait 299 and 349 now? what happend to 249 299? Did they just slip that one passed us? Is that a typo? I feel like a lot of people that although the system looks awesome and I really think the hardware itself is sexy.. I am trying to be more careful about what I blow my money on now.

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@moviequest14 Aye our opinions always differ but its nice to agree on things.I just can't help but go a little all out when people troll or are just plain ignorant.That zeldisco.Ug. And ya if Nintendo brought alot more games to their handheld and systems along with more original IPs , i would probably buy a 3Ds or something.But so far besides Nintendo franchises i see no reason to buy one.MGS, ill have a ps3 version with HD. I have MHP3rd, i don't like sim/tycoon games, not a RE fan and so on. Also i am hoping MH 4 goes to the vita as well.I won't so much as go near it for the 3DS.Not when its far larger, far more dedicated fanbase is not on Nintendo. Capcom has been spreading the franchise too much. They need to pick a spot and stay there or multiplatform when it comes Monster Hunter. Its just fact they would make more on the Vita or the PS3. Monster Hunter's fanbase is mostly with Sony.And a great deal of us aren't going to go out of our way to get the game. Not to mention the region lock with Nintendo.Can't even import it.If they multiplatformed Monster Hunter would do extremely well. If they released a new MH on the PS3 it would do well. I support Multiplatform for Monster Hunter the most though, because more of an audience would get to play it.

Avatar image for SpacePirate6

I'd love to get a vita, but I just don't game enough on the go. If I had a crappy school schedule, or did an incredible amount of public commuting, it would be great, but for an actual gaming experience, I need to relax and have time and space to get into it. Essentially, that means I'd have to play it at home like a regular console most of the time to get the full level of enjoyment most often, and the number of titles that are meant to be played as intensively as PS3 games aren't great (not button mashing mini games). Pretty much, that would be like paying $350 for an entirely new console which I probably won't use much... It's frustrating though, cause it looks awesome and I wish I had more use for it, because I'll be damned if I don't really want one deep down.

Avatar image for Chano_Safc

@baconater87 You know nothing boy!

Avatar image for baconater87

well at least its coming out faster than the wii u and works the same

Avatar image for Sigil-otaku

@BarstowMoose I agree, I'm not a big fan of Uncharted so when they pushed that as the main title I just sighed. Then I saw Dragon's crown and seriously considered a Vita before realising it was also a PS3 download title so no need. The rest of the games are sort of just ports or Vita versions of PS3 games that won't match the PS3 ones so I'm uninterested at the moment but when they release something more unique I'll raise a brow. Gravity Daze looked good too but the combat looks a little plain unfortunately. Where's the wow game?

Avatar image for BarstowMoose

When Sony actually gets a gaming series that piques my interest I'll buy a Vita. Impressive piece of machinery but, just like the my experience with the PSP, the lack of good games killed it for me.

Avatar image for kiramasaki

I agree this Feb. release date seems really odd, especially from a business perspective, if it was at least early Jan. okay, but mid Feb.

Avatar image for The_Dragon_Born

Going to pass though i plan to keep an eye on the Vita. Hopefully there will be a portal, dead space, skyrim or mass effect on it. Then I will get it right away. So far the games haven't been enough to get me away from my 3ds

Avatar image for McBoogerballz

how bout 400 and release it in Dec? Stupidass Sony

Avatar image for NorthGarden

still, Feb is too late to me... I better import one

Avatar image for dararestofdemal

If they said gravity rush, umvc3, or uncharted then that would get my interests but no pre-order for me now matter how long or early they release it but it will be a day 1 - day 7 buy! :D

Avatar image for franzito

I dunno know, it didn't spark 4 me...

Avatar image for sjawz3288

Actually the more I think of it, I want to change my preorder for that. BUT, I'd like to see how much the memory for this little gadget is gonna be. If it's gonna be a high markup since they're using a special flash card, how much would it all be separately and to and see if it's worth dropping an extra $100 the preorder. Plus, it'd be nice to knock 7 days off my countdown clock. :D

Avatar image for SadPSPAddict

what about the UK???

Avatar image for endorbr

Nice bundle, but I still don't want the 3G.

Avatar image for sjawz3288

I preordered the Wifi version last week in its entirety. How come I won't get it a week early? :( Plus I don't need a 3G version.

Avatar image for anthonycg

Don't forget to buy that warranty/insurance. Technology no matter how good is made of really cheap parts these days.

Avatar image for gkhalifa

I want it now now :'(

Avatar image for otanikun

@Spartan765, Oh I'm pretty sure they will, they'd be fools not to.

Avatar image for E3Abe09

honestly this is a pretty cool bundle but a CoD bundle or a Uncharted bundle would be sick! but i wonder if they have already started planning different colors for japan?

Avatar image for Darnasian

@zeldisco2009 To be honest...u are just a retarded fanboy of Nintendo who's trolling....and u are simply angry that Nintendo is failing... PSVita is better... At least stop trolling! That stupid excuse with the PS3 and Naughty Dog's Uncharted didn't cover the fact that u simply hate that the 3DS is a fail and the PSVita is the superior hand-held... It had potential... But Nintendo screwed things up! The only thing you can do is to hope the WiiU will not fail!

Avatar image for Spartan765

They Should make a bundle for UC or Resistance

Avatar image for darkPSPfan

id buy if it was some other game

Avatar image for FusionRain

The only reason I don't want this is because I'm gonna buy a bigger mem stick (4 gigs ain't enough lol). Plus I don't really want Little Deviants. I'm gonna buy a few other launch titles, and I don't think Little Deviants will be one.

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