PS Vita - Best Games of 2014 Nominees

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See our nominees for PS Vita Game of the Year
Vivacious Vita.

The PlayStation Vita has proven itself to be a remarkably resilient and expansive handheld, with our list of nominated games coming from a variety of genres. From skateboarding action to visual novel-inspired stories, our list is comprised of games that were picked because they offered the most fun experiences on the Vita.

The murder mystery in role-playing game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair pleased us with its use of delightfully weird characters to explore argumentative metaphors. Freedom Wars offered frenetic combat with vertical levels that made satisfying use of ranged and melee weaponry alike. 2D skateboarding game OlliOlli proved to us that skateboards still have a place in games, making use of simple controls to great effect.

We found fast-paced fun in the fluid Velocity 2X, which crafted a near-perfect action experience housed in modern visuals. But our choices aren't just all about the action and pretty presentation, with Ubisoft's role-playing game Child of Light rounding out the list with a darker, more melancholy mood.

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nice games

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All 5 of these games were amazing. Personally I would probably vote for Freedom Wars just because it was the clear exclusive to make your eyeballs go "WOW". The lack of comments here, I think, probably has MORE to do with Gamespot's lack of love for the vita. The frequency of articles on this site is Abysmal. I don't know if it's a staffing thing, or they just don't care, but I was happy to see that Vita at least got it's own list. Now back to hacking away at my AMAZING back-catalog on this system...

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I have only played Freedom Wars out of the games on this list, and still for just a couple of weeks. I would like more games like this, but I am definitely eager to play Danganronpa 2.

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Freedom Wars! If it loses to THESE games I will lose all faith in Gamespot forever.

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Lack of comments on this page says it all. No love for the Vita :(

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah Sadly vita has only indie games and you can play that on PC.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Sad part is that's the mindset that is killing it, people parroting that all over the place. It's got plenty of full games too, Persona 4, Ys, AC, Tearaway (even though I didn't really like it), LBP, the FFX remakes, the Sly collection, R&C collection, Soul Sacrifice...But all people ever parrot is the indie games thing. So that's what everyone thinks.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Tons of games on Vita, nobody to realize it.

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Vita FTW.....!!