PS Vita and PS4 System Updates Now Live

Button remapping and other enhancements added to Sony's handheld with the 3.5 firmware update.

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Sony has begun rolling out two global system updates for both its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita handheld.

On Wednesday, the platform holder detailed the key new features included in the PS4's 2.5 Yukimura update, including the long-awaited Suspend/Resume function and hard drive back-up options. The full list of additions can be found here.

Now, with the updates going live across Europe, the US, and Asia, PS Vita owners have begun listing the featured improvements that come with the handheld's 3.5 firmware. Chief among them is enhanced accessibility options such as button remapping, enlarged text, inverted colours, contrast adjustment, and zoom functionality.

Though these features have been designed for customers with impaired vision and limited manual dexterity in mind, the button remapping could be particularly useful for players who use the PS Vita's function as a spare PS4 controller, and for those who use Remote Play to stream PS4 games to their handheld. Due to the Vita's two fewer shoulder buttons than the DualShock 4 controller, remapping could give players options to build a button scheme around this problem.

Digital Spy has noted other changes on the updated Vita, such as the removal of the Maps application, along with various tweaks across the platform.

In January, Sony revealed that it was stripping certain apps from the Vita, including the YouTube app.

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