PS Store Axed From PSP in Certain Territories

Affected regions include Europe and Asia; Storefront remains online in North America.

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Sony is set to remove access to the PlayStation Store from its older PSP handheld in numerous territories.

According to IGN, PS Store functionality will be wiped from PSPs across Europe, Oceania, Asia, and some parts of Africa. North America will not be affected, but Sony said it is continually evaluating the region.

It appears that the PS Store application itself will be removed, but the background infrastructure will not. Players will still be able to purchase content for PSP via the Sony Entertainment Network Online Store, afterwhich purchased goods will appear on the PSP's download list.

Sony's PlayStation Portable first launched in December 2004, and went on to sell 80 million units worldwide.

The system's successor, the PS Vita, launched across the west in early 2012 and has not replicated its predecessor's success. Sony has not disclosed sales of the system since January 2013, by which point it had sold about 4 million units.

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