PS Plus May 2019: Last Chance For These Free PS4 Games

Some intense kitchen co-op and a brilliant story-driven adventure

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Now Playing: Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Games For May 2019 Revealed

A new month means new PS4 freebies for PlayStation Plus, and while Sony's premium subscription service has had some rough patches recently--the free monthly giveaways stopped including PS3 and Vita titles in March, and April's two PS4 offerings weren't particularly exciting--May is bringing some great games to the table. May's free PS Plus games are Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch, and if you don't already own these titles, you'll definitely want to grab them while they're available this month. Plus, June's PS Plus games were just announced--be sure to check out the free PS4 games you'll be able to claim starting June 4.

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Overcooked is a co-op party game where you and up to three friends work together in a kitchen to prepare meals--sounds simple and wholesome, right? Now throw in kitchen fires, shifting floors, mischievous mice that steal your food, and an accelerating warning beep that signals you have only seconds to grab your food before it burns. Overcooked is a stressful ride that may or may not ruin your friendships, but it's also thrilling and makes you feel truly accomplished when you clear a level with high stars. The game earned an 8/10 in GameSpot's Overcooked review:

"Overcooked contains all the necessary ingredients for a truly excellent co-op game," wrote critic Scott Butterworth. "Stress is always balanced out by feelings of accomplishment and progression, and its gameplay requires a mix of smart planning, consistent communication, and some level of dexterity to execute plans effectively."

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Fans of story-driven games will be pleased to see What Remains of Edith Finch in May's PS Plus lineup. The visually stunning game is rooted in exploration and story, and it's suspenseful without stretching into horror, like indie classic Gone Home. The story follows Edith as she returns to her family home where three generations of relatives have perished in various tragic accidents. The game made our top 10 list back in 2017 and earned a 9/10 in GameSpot's What Remains of Edith Finch review.

"Developer Giant Sparrow managed to strike the delicate balance between joy and sorrow in 2012's The Unfinished Swan, but What Remains of Edith Finch transcends even the latent sadness of that game, finding the beauty--even sometimes the fun--in what's always fundamentally a tragedy. It's not often that a game's plot slips past the bitterness of grief to finally get to the acceptance, but that's the triumph in What Remains of Edith Finch," wrote critic Justin Clark.

May 2019 free PS Plus games (available through June 3)

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Avatar image for charridstrale

I actually thought overcooked might be a fun stupid game. It not even online multiplayer so whats the point...

Avatar image for dragonsama

I see a lot of people aren't happy because they gave out Indie games this month. A lot of people screaming about "Indie Garbage". To those people I ask this. Have you even tried any of the indie games at all? Overcooked is regarded as one of the best co-op/party games of this gen and What remains of Edith Finch is very critically acclaimed.

Sony and Microsoft is not putting out "Indie Garbage" as a lot of people are putting it. Instead it's just that some users only want AAA games. To those folks I say try some other games. if you don't like it that's fine but at least you tried something new. if you do then you found a new game to play.

Avatar image for Vodoo

I almost wish these consoles didn't have indie publishing because that's all the crap games we get. Before MS and Sony let self published indie titles on their platform, we got REAL retail games every month.

If they offered disc-based games it would go back to having decent games. But there seems to be a never ending supply of indie garbage.

Avatar image for ronthallsballs

Fuckin’ bullshit.

Avatar image for uk_friday

another awful month.....

We need a new games console developer to end Sony and Microsoft

Avatar image for tsunami2311

@uk_friday: There is Nintendo and I guess Google now? Honestly I been wanting 10 years for Nintendo to actual be serious about the console they make imo and this gona ruffle alot feather, Nintendo was not been relevant since Snes. N64 and everything since has been meh.

Imo Nintendo is still riding the first party game franchise to stay relevant. all those game I love when I was like 8 I grew up those game majority of them all look like kiddy games still. I remember once seeing demo of new zelda game that look really good and didnt look like it was aimed at 8 years and I wanted it. that zelda game never happen at lest not in that form it went right back to kiddy look.

This not say Nintendo is dead it just to me the they are not what I want and dont have the games I want anymore. and have ing 1 maybe 2 game gen I want or would like isnt gone get me to buy there system.

I only keep PSN sub alive for the free games at the time we were getting like 48+ free game per month. even if they were shit they were free and there was value in 39 year when it was 39 and even the the 59 it is now when did have one those AA game that made it worth cause it only took 2 or 3 good games for it to be worth it.

now there down to 24? I know ps3 game anrt give freee monthly anymore I not about vita. I honestly have not pay attention for months other then to just the free game of ps4

Avatar image for oCAFFEINEo

Such a crap selection this month. Would've been better if they gave us..

Onimusha Warlords & Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood

Avatar image for tsunami2311

the removal of ps3 game from monthly free games was bad idea when the monthly games given are question at time, and them give us 100gb storage for no more ps3 game is kinda joke wtf am I gona do with 100gbs for cloud storage for game saves?

I rather have ps3 even if they suck then 100gb of cloud storage for saved games.... atlest the ps3 game have a use

Avatar image for Bloodklot73

This game list for this month is a joke.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

So it's not one AAA game and one indie title per month from here on after all. Could have thought as much. Can't wait until Sony increases the prices for PS+ again due to "all the value that service delivers".

Avatar image for xeddmc

Disgusting. Time to move back to Xbox One. At least there we can use EA Access, Gamepass, Kodi, HDMI in and out, Better monthly games and more monthly games... Selling my PS4, fk this.

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

@xeddmc: 4 days later

ea access is now coming to the ps4 :D

Avatar image for Bloodklot73

@xeddmc: I agree this game list is a joke but to say I'm going to move to xbox one because of it is even a bigger joke LOL!

Avatar image for onehitta323

@xeddmc: bye felicia

Avatar image for thesorrowfuldeity

@xeddmc: Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

Avatar image for aross2004

@xeddmc: Bye!

Avatar image for deactivated-5d4e6334bc1ce

Oooh, cant wait to give Edith Finch a go.

Avatar image for jeffreybernabe

all of this income from PS+.. Still Sony has the galls to discontinue Gravity Rush 2 Online service content

Avatar image for Slinqy

Welp, gives me time to play my other games, I guess. Maybe June will be a good month.

Avatar image for squidracerX

The thing that makes me MAD about a month like this - is that Sony just bragged that it has 34.5 million PS+ users - so that means if they each paid $50 a year (low end), Sony made 1.75 BILLION bucks just off of PS+ this year. F#%k That!!!! And these are the games we got? I support indies - I just beat Crayola Skoot and am playing Ghost of a Tale. But this is not what we signed up for when you promised great games each month....

I'm a faithful Sony fan, Ive always had Sony consoles as my primary, (and MS and Nintendo as my side console mistresses) - I have 2 PS4's and a PS3 hooked up right now next to the Switch and XboxOne; I own and play Vita, PSVR, Vita TV, I bought the Classic even, (hacked it)... Ive ha PS+ since day 1, and i bought a couple of years at once for $40 so I think im good for at least 2 more years. Ive got hundreds upon hundreds of games for Sony consoles.

But this is BULLCRAP. These are 2 indie games that have been on sale for $5 each many times. At least give us OverCooked 2!? But I already have both of these. And now you cut support of the other systems, (at least you usually got a few cross-play games out of the old bunch, even if you didn't have a Vita). Start giving vouchers for games we already own, or start adding 3 games or a VR game too. I dont play online - i dont think ill sign up for these services anymore at this rate.

Avatar image for xeddmc

@squidracerX: Totally agree. I could have beared edith finch but Overcooked? OVERCOOKED???!!! Why the HELL did asia get Metal gear survive, but we get OVERCOOKED? Makes me sick.

Avatar image for goobermcdermit

I find Mays games to be disappointing personally.

Avatar image for xeddmc

@goobermcdermit: Me too x1100000000

Avatar image for amichalski81

only reason i have PS Plus is to play online, i rarely DL these free games and maybe only a few that i have serious interest in i have grabbed. most of these games they give away free don't appeal to me and as many comments have said. LAME.

Sony is making money hand over fist - give away top of the line games for free - not this nonsense - co-op games where you work in a kitchen to prepare meals? get real

please SONY rethink this strategy of what lame ass games you give away each month. and as also said if you are taking away PS3 and Vita games how about lowering your F****** Price ??

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

Be nice if Edith had VR support

Avatar image for CreMax90

Wow. I could get these games for $10 combined somewhere else, lol.

Avatar image for altairdarius

Lame again

Avatar image for robbie23

Aww man, I just got edith finch last week for 30 bucks now it is for free.

I actually really enjoyed it especially the story of Lewis section which was extremely dark.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@robbie23: Ouch, $30? I got it for $10 on Steam...

Avatar image for Berserk8989

Wow, this is an excellent month. Wanted WRoEF for some time, but I kinda forgot about it in the past months because of work, never buying it. And Overcooked seems like it could be some crazy fun with some friends. Previous month was a little disappointing for me, but this definitely makes up for it. Love PS Plus.

Avatar image for lostn

I feel good about not continuing to pay for this.

Avatar image for Barighm

Blarg. Well, they can't all be good months.

Avatar image for lostn

@Barighm: When you cut the offerings down from 6 to 2, you would hope every month is a good month. Otherwise, why aren't they cutting the price also by 2/3?

Avatar image for Vodoo

@lostn: Why would they cut the price when most people don't even use a PS Vita or PS3?

Avatar image for donksmcgee

@Vodoo: I use them :(

Such Sadness...

Avatar image for Vodoo

@donksmcgee: I never said that nobody uses them. Just that the majority doesn't. The majority uses a PS4. I still use my 360 from time to time, but the majority do not. I also have a PS-TV that plays Vita games on the TV. I wouldn't require a company lower their price because they decided to stop giving away free software to outdated products. Free games is one benefit of PS+, not its sole purpose. It's not like you can't use your PS3 online, just no more free games.

Avatar image for Barighm

@lostn: Because the current demand and associated revenue doesn't warrant a price cut?

Avatar image for lostn

@Barighm: Then they should have made the move to cut those games out years ago?

Avatar image for neurogia

I'd much rather they start giving away classic PS1 and PS2 games instead of this new age garbage.

Avatar image for lostn

@neurogia: Can't play them on PS4 unless they are the small selection of PS2 Classics.

Avatar image for Barighm

@neurogia: I'm so glad they made Rogue Galaxy available. So many PS2 classics I missed while I was in college.

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