PS Plus Game Meet Your Maker Gets A Dead By Daylight Crossover

Get limited-edition rewards in both games on Meet Your Maker's launch day.


Meet Your Maker is getting a day one release on PS Plus' April lineup, and it will also have a cross-promo event with Dead By Daylight for launch day. Meet Your Maker is a new game from devs Behaviour Interactive and is a PvP raiding and building game.

On April 4, Meet Your Maker players will get a Dead by Daylight deco pack. Dead by Daylight players will get a Pentekath’s Suit for Meg Thomas and three unique killer weapons. Check out the lists at the end for a full rundown of what's included in each crossover pack.

Cross-promo items in Dead By Daylight and Meet Your Maker
Cross-promo items in Dead By Daylight and Meet Your Maker

Behavior Interactive has already been running a Meet-Your-Maker related event in Dead By Daylight since March 14. During trials, GenMat Extractors--related to a valuable resource in Meet Your Maker--have been popping up, and players who obtain a GenMat cylinder and stay alive will get an exclusive charm based on the GenMat's color.

Meet Your Maker has a core building component where players can build the outposts of their dreams and also fight their way through other players' outposts. It sounds a little bit like violent interior decoration and also checking out the nice interior decorations, although antagonistic, from other players.

Meet Your Maker

  • Dead by Daylight deco pack:
  • Two Building blocks inspired by the Macmillan Estate Realm
  • One Animated Generator Prop
  • One Pallet Prop
  • One Basement Light Prop
  • Decals including Scratch marks, Blood Trails, Bunny Feng, Nea’s Grafiti, and more.

Dead by Daylight

  • Pentekath’s Suit for Meg Thomas
  • Three unique Killer weapons for The Trapper (Crunching Blade), The Huntress (Toothed Axe), and The Wraith (Biomechanical Spine)

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