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PS Plus Free PS4 / PS5 Games For December 2020 Still Available

The December PS Plus lineup keeps the PS5 version of Bugsnax available for free and adds some new PS4 freebies.


Whether you're playing your old reliable PS4 or looking to ring in your new holiday PS5, you could always use more games to play. To that end, you still have time to claim the four PlayStation Plus freebies for December 2020. Three of the freebies are PS4 games, while Bugsnax for PS5 is still up for grabs if you haven't snagged it yet. The freebies include an explosion-filled AAA open-world game along with a competitive shooter and a strategy game.

Just Cause 4 is the latest open-world action-adventure game from Avalanche Studios, plunging longtime hero Rico into a South American country often subjected to horrible storms and even tornadoes. As with the series' previous games, you can destroy nearly anything and create some truly mind-bending situations via your gadgets. The storms add a new dynamic to the gameplay, as well. Just Cause has never been more unpredictable.

Also free is Rocket Arena, a 3-on-3 competitive shooter that features several different heroes and an emphasis on dodging and precision shooting. The game received little fanfare when it released earlier this year, but critic Alessandro Barbosa found some fun with its rocket jumps and different abilities in our Rocket Arena review. The price also dropped rather quickly. If you don't have PS Plus, this isn't necessarily a game that you'll be saving a ton of money on by purchasing a subscription.

The last new free game for December is Worms Rumble, which hasn't even officially released yet. The latest game in the classic strategy series, it's also the first game to feature real-time combat. Up to 32 players can battle it out online, and the game even supports cross-play multiplayer if your friends are on other platforms.

While all three of these new games are PS4 games, they're playable on PS5. The recently launched next-gen console can play the vast majority of PS4 games, often with enhancements that vary on a title-by-title basis. Reduced load times are commonplace, but you can also potentially get more stable frame rates and increased resolutions, depending on how the game was designed. If you want the fastest load times, you'll need to have the games installed on the PS5's internal NVMe SSD. You'll see longer times on an external drive.

The December PS Plus games below are up for grabs now--you have until January 4 to add them to your account. They can be claimed easily from the redesigned PlayStation mobile app by selecting the store and then going to your subscriptions. Claiming them doesn't automatically begin the download process, either. Once you have then claimed, you can access them for as long as you maintain a subscription. They should also reappear if you let your subscription lapse and then restart it later.

December 2020 PS Plus Free Games

Available December 1 to January 4

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