PS Plus Flash Deal: Get One Year Of PlayStation Plus For $45

PS Plus doesn't get much cheaper.

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In early March, PlayStation's Great Indoors Sale knocked the price of one-year PS Plus member down to $45 (it usually sells for $60), and while that sale has long since ended, anyone who didn't stock up on another PS Plus subscription has another chance to get it for that price. Right now, a one-year PS Plus membership is discounted to $50 at Newegg, and if you use the promo code EMCTYUV58, another $5 will be slashed from the price, marking it down to $45.

As a reminder, you can stack PS Plus subscriptions, so even if you're already a member, here's a great chance to renew your subscription at a discount. Newegg is limiting this deal to two per customer, but you'll still walk away paying $90 for two one-year subscriptions instead of $120 (or $45 instead of $60, if you opt for just one). A PS Plus membership not only extends to PS4, PS3, and Vita systems, but will most likely roll over to PlayStation's next-generation console, too.

The deal ends Sunday, so act fast, especially if your PS Plus subscription is scheduled to expire soon.

Buy one year of PS Plus for $45 with code EMCTYUV58 »

PS Plus is PlayStation's premium monthly subscription that grants access to online multiplayer, free monthly PS4 games, and exclusive discounts. April's games for PS Plus members include science-fiction RPG The Surge and open-world survival game Conan Exiles, both of which are free to download for the rest of the month. Another new perk of PS Plus: Sony recently rolled out the PSN ID change feature, and while the first time you change your ID is free, subsequent changes carry a $10 fee--except for PS Plus members, who will only have to pay $5 each time.

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FYI the code on Newegg no longer works.

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sold my ps4 and never looked back. all I remember from my ps4 gaming days, was 100% shit games on ps+ indie gash I wouldn't piss on if it was burning. like 2 minute load time just to boot up the store. and literally all sony care about now is regurgitating the same crap they've made the last 18 years, for the young americans that weren't alive in the ps3 era. literally everything they have done, has been to get back at Microsoft, nothing has been done for the actual sony fans that stuck with them, just more of the same shit uncharted games or whatever.

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$5 less than it used to cost normally. And now you only get 2 crappy games a month instead of 6. Pay more to get less. Well done Sony.

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The ps plus deal is a fraud. I used the code on newegg got and payed for it. Got an email saying my order was good. Then couple hours later got an email saying my order was cancelled. Newegg said it will take 3-5 days to get my money back and in the process tried selling me a newegg premium membership. I will never order anything from newegg again.

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@natezowa100: I second that! I cant access GS with my phone... the damm video eats up all my data!