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PS Plus Deal For PS4 Owners: Get A Year Of The Subscription Service For Only $39

Get a year's worth of games and online play at a low price.


[Update: This deal has sold out.]

PlayStation Plus is an important service for PS4 owners. It allows you to play your games online, offers cloud storage for all of your saves, and provides free games every month, plus bonus discounts during major sales on the PlayStation Store, like the one going on right now. The service usually goes for $60 per year, but during the Black Friday season, you can expect to see a few discounts. This is one of them--right now, you can get a 12-month membership for just $39 at Ebay.

It looks like this is a physical card that will be shipped to you rather than a code you receive over email, but as with all Ebay deals, free standard shipping is included. PS Plus rarely drops this low, even during Black Friday, when it usually doesn't drop below $40, so if you need to stock up on PS Plus, this deal might be your best option.

The nice thing about PS Plus memberships is that they stack, so even if you've got some time left on your current membership, you can extend your subscription at a discount when you find deals like this one.

Right now, you can claim November's free PS4 games if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership. Those free games include the Dark Souls-like action game Nioh and first-person horror game Outlast 2.

This story was originally published on October 3 and has been updated to reflect the current best deal on PlayStation Plus that we've found.

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