PS Move Racing Wheel works with any game - Report

According to tests done by an iWaggle 3D user, the new racing wheel peripheral seems to add motion controls to PS3 games that don't necessarily support Move.


A PlayStation 3 user has reportedly discovered a hidden benefit to Sony's PlayStation Move Racing Wheel peripheral.

According to Albert Chen, whose discovery was reported on iWaggle 3D, the peripheral appears to add motion control to any game, even those that do not necessarily support Move.

The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel.
The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel.

Chen said that his tests with the PS Move Racing Wheel showed that it would work with any game, provided the Move was attached to the device and set to controller port 1. Chen reportedly tried the device with games including Need For Speed: Shift 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

He said that while the above games did not recognise the wheel peripheral, they were able to read the controller's inputs as those coming from a normal DualShock 3 controller. (Chen said that his console registered the wheel peripheral's face buttons as regular controller buttons, and the tilting of the peripheral as a normal controller's left analog stick tilt.)

According to Chen's reports, a PS Eye camera is not needed to make the wheel peripheral work with other games. His implication was that any racing game that uses the left analog stick to steer will already be compatible with the racing wheel peripheral.

The PS Move Racing Wheel peripheral is designed to work with racing, motorcycle, and flight games, and will support the upcoming title Little Big Planet Karting, as well as older titles, such as Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise, and MotorStorm Apocalypse.

The entire wheel is powered by the PS Move controller at its centre, and also features expanding handles, which can turn the peripheral into a motorbike racing handle; in this mode, the right handle of the peripheral features twist throttle.

It's available for pre-order now in North America for $39.99.

GameSpot has contacted Sony for comment and we will continue to update this story.

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Bought the well with LBP Karting except for the jump/skid button getting in the way of each other, unfortunantly no way to change the setup. There is one comment below that I feel rings a bell that it "defeats the use of the six axis controller". This is very true, the exact control from this "addition" to the move controller could very easily be replicated from the basic controller for the ps3....absolutely a money making tool. My only hope now is that some game will implement it in a creative way. As far as this article goes on using this for racing games not rated for the Move....I only had one to try(Need for Speed ProSteet), and it did work. You need to open the game, hold down the ps button, select Controller Settings, and set it as controller 1.

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Wow, bunch of aggressive driver attitudes (rolls-eyes), bratty kids hiding behind their compute screens, typical LOL. Concept works great, no need to attach to a desktop or whatever; that's a big plus. Simply hold in your hands, no real effort, might build up some arm muscles, but better than people's already overworked mouth muscles ;-). Over 100 hours of user experience (not "attitudes" like most people seem to offer here). Did not take long at all to be natural feeling and work flawlessly! Hard to find suppliers, which does seem odd if a company is into making money?

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wow, makes the NEGCON look almost normal!

Avatar image for egger7577

That thing looks like a piece of garbage. Not even close to the feel of a real steering wheel and you have to hold this thing of beauty in the air while using it. Will probably making your arms tired in the process too. Seems like a novelty item to me and nothing more than a money making gimic for Sony.

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Sorry Sony, the move was a massive copy of a failure. So MOVE on...

Avatar image for jdekeyser


PS3 MOVE was a failure? Obviously you havent played Time Crisis, House Of The Dead Overkill, Sports Champions, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, GT5 and NFS Most Wanted with it. Your missing out and everyone calling the MOVE a failure in the comments most likely never even got it.

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Uh! Even as a PSfanboy I feel pretty dissapointed.

Getting there late, Sony.

Avatar image for Hig1134

This thing is unnecessary.....and pretty stupid.

Avatar image for hangman000

Will this be ridiculously priced like the "FREE" $80 phone controller?

Avatar image for EvilDan666

@hangman000 Well it says in the article that It's available for pre-order now in North America for $39.99...

Avatar image for hangman000

Will this support ps4 when it comes out and will this ugly piece of shit get a new model? I hope the development of games aren't slowed down to support this crap.(Anyway if this was"I Wheel" people would shit their pants)

Avatar image for StarkJJ

Sony still trying to act relevant.

Avatar image for Hig1134

@StarkJJ PS3 is the best selling console worldwide right now....don't see how they aren't "relevant", as you so put it. You're a tool

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Holding a fake wheel out in front of yourself is just awkward, imho. I tried it on the Wii, just doesn't feel very intuitive.

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This is terrible. Who thought this was a good idea?

Avatar image for wyan_

What is this. I don't even...

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Avatar image for Xplode_77

Haha, looks like people's predictions of the PS3 controller from ten years ago.

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So, instead of developing new code to use the move to it's full potential they simply emulate analog and attach it to the accelerometer? Big shock! :O

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awwww this is just for its precious ps3 owners, who find this as a horrible gimmick lmfao!!

Avatar image for valuum

da fuk

Avatar image for UnwantedSpam

Still not paying $40 for a freaky sex toy disguised as a gaming peripheral.

Avatar image for dawnofhero

I'd rather have an actual steering wheel and pedals :/

Avatar image for DrKill09
DrKill09're holding it wrong.

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

In a months time they'll probably release a patch to stop it working...

Avatar image for Pradmetro

I played with that back in PA Musikfest when the PlayStation Truck came by. That thing is lame. It's too light, no weight resistance, and it's too sensitive to use

Avatar image for Epictacosam

@Pradmetro someone said similiar things on kotaku from first hand experience so it must be true

Avatar image for LandauTST

Reminds me of when I go through old video game stuff and I come across old beastly game accessories and have a laugh. Only this one is new.

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Looks interesting~!

Avatar image for XtC86

Looks like a space fighter joystick from a F graded movie o.O lolz

Avatar image for VirtualTofu

Doesn't this defeat the purpose of the Six-Axis's built- in motion controls?

Avatar image for VirtualTofu


Avatar image for firstclassgamer


Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Sony's version of a racing wheel doesn't look much like a wheel. It reminds me of the Virtual boy controller without the dual D-pads.

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the f*ck is that shit?

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Interesting but I'd like someone else to varifiy this first. It may have just been a fluke. Its like science. In order to have the results proven and confirmed one must be able replicate the results multiple times by different people using the same methods and steps.

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I wonder if they did it that way on purpose or if it was a lucky accident

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It looks like a virtual boy controller with a ps move stuck in the middle.

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They invented, the Batarange

Avatar image for hangman000

@Halloll At least the Batarang was cool.

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who still use the fail that is the PS move

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It's so ridiculous I don't know whether to laugh or cry

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So I can pwn noobs in Black Ops with this thing?


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@koospetoors LOL

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who has PS moves anymore. I thought that thing has die out

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@OreoPoptart i do but i don't use it much same with the kinect

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Playing 3D platformers, FPS, and fighting games with that thing sounds like a disaster.

Avatar image for WhiteStormy

@nintendoboy16 I played Tekken once with a Rock Band guitar. It didn't work out very well for me in the end, but the buttons still worked. lol.

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@WhiteStormy @nintendoboy16 I played Tekken using a DDR Dance Mat. It was... an interesting experience.

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@VirtualTofu @WhiteStormy @nintendoboy16 Make a youtube video of it xD

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