PS games for PSP now on PS3

Sony updates its new console's PlayStation Store with five older games that work on the company's handheld system.


Sony took its first steps into the world of retro gaming today when it updated its PlayStation 3 online storefront with downloadable versions of five original PlayStation games that can be enjoyed on the PlayStation Portable.

The first slate of PS games to arrive on the system include a sampling of Sony-published PS hits, as well as one title from third-party publisher Namco. The currently available titles are Sony's Crash Bandicoot, Cool Boarders, Syphon Filter, and Hot Shots Golf 2, as well as Namco's Tekken 2. Each game costs $5.99 and carries a disclaimer that multiplayer functions in the games won't work because the games have not been altered to support the portable system's Wi-Fi functionality.

To play the games, customers will need to first download the games to their PS3s from the PlayStation Store, then transfer them via a USB cable to a PSP with a memory card that contains enough free space. The games range in size from 157MB (Hot Shots Golf 2) to 535MB (Tekken 2). Once downloaded, each game can be copied for use on up to five different PSP systems before it locks itself.

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