Prototype 2 Walkthrough

Let's go out to the city and have ourselves a snack. Our Prototype 2 Walkthrough includes videos for finding collectibles, crushing enemies, and obtaining secrets.


Prototype 2

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  • Video Walkthrough: The main diddy of a bigboy named Jimmy Heller
  • Collectibles: Don't just run around with flimsy spaghetti arms! Collect stuff for meaty power ups.

What's New:

  • May 8 2012: Version 1.4 heads into the Red Zone with collectibles.
  • May 4 2012: Version 1.3 completes the green zone.
  • April 30 2012: Version 1.2 ventures deeper into the Green zone with mainstory and Blacknet info.
  • April 27 2012: Version 1.1 moves into the Green Zone with all sorts of collectibles.
  • April 25 2012: Version 1.0 of the Prototype 2 Walkthrough is here. Its contains videos for all sorts of secrets within Yellow Zone.

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Yellow Zone Collectibles

Yellow Zone is where you will spend your first few hours in the fantasy land called New York. You'll easily gain a full level from completing these objectives along with bonuses to Offensive, Locomotion, Defensive, and Predator.


There are only five Blackboxes in Oakhurst. The district is in the middle of the Yellow Zone and where you will start your adventure.


Fairview will introduce you to Field Ops where you will need to actively fight Blackwatch and Gentek.

Linden Park

Linden Park has fewer Ops than Fairview, but also includes the first Lair. You can find this infected zone towards the ending events of the Yellow Zone. Until that point in time you can ignore the Lair objective marker.

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Yellow Zone Main Story

The main storyline of the Yellow Zone will unlock basic powers such as claws and tendrils. Expect to gain around five or six levels while completing the story within this zone.

The Strong Survive

This first mission will teach you the basics of flight, consuming and a few tricks to escape enemy pursuit.

Flytrap and Orion's Belt

Operation Flytrap will unlock the use of your claw attacks. Orion's Belt is technically part of Blacknet, but you will need to complete it to move on with the story.

Brain Drain and Long Shadow

Brain Drain is all about eating enemy forces: first to gain disguises, and second to absorb knowledge. Project Long Shadow will give you use of tendril attacks.

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Yellow Zone Main Story

Feeding Time and Salvation

Feeding Time will unlock your infected shielding, allowing blocking, counter attacks, and projectile reflection. Salvation is a protection mission...of a building. If you get in too much trouble, remember that damage will be restored if you reload a checkpoint.

Lab Rat and Mad Scientist

During these missions you'll have to make use of your shields to not only block, but also counter attack the heavy brutes.

Orion Phase Two and Natural Selection

This is the final section of Yellow zone and a showdown with the boss of the area.

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Yellow Zone Blacknet

You can gain even more powers from Blackwatch and Gentek side quests. First shapeshift into an enemy and infiltrate one of their many bases. The terminals inside will lead you to key personal you should consume. Alternately, you can first eat these enemies on the street; they will be clearly marked with memory DNA tags.

Black Tulip

Black Tulip is all about hunting down and consuming several Brawlers. This will serve as a great upgrade to the Claw power gained through story mode.

Manticore and Clean Sweep

Manticore will allow you to let loose with your tendril powers. Most of the mission will involve eating waves of Gentek doctors either in the heat of combat or during stealth. Make use of crafty shapeshifting.

Clean Sweep will let you try out your running skills. However, don't worry if you haven't invested any points in Locomotion.

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Green Zone Collectibles

The Green Zone has many more collectibles compared to the previous Yellow Zone. This means more leg work, but in turn more upgrades to Offensive, Defensive, Predator, Locomotion, and the new Power Specialist.

Salt Yard Plains

The Salt Yard Plains contains only four blackboxes, making it your prime target for a quick offensive boost.

Lincoln Meadows

The Lairs of Lincoln have many tough infected, and will introduce a deadly hybrid in the form of evolved humans.


Most of the strong infected can be consumed for huge bastions of free DNA.

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Green Zone Main Story

The Green zone has more dangers than the previous Yellow Zone. Blackwatch is crawling around everywhere and many infected are rampant in the streets.

The Airbridge

This is your passage from the Yellow Zone to the Green Zone.

Stranger Among Us

You'll be shapeshifting into one of the enemy Blackwatch. Do not switch back to Heller or use your power, otherwise your cover may be blown.

A Nest of Vipers

Head into the lair and get equipped with the awesome might of Hammerfisting.

White Light

Completing this mission will unlock the Blade power and Tornado charge attack.

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Green Zone Main Story 2

The Green zone has more dangers than the previous Yellow Zone. Blackwatch is crawling around everywhere and many infected are rampant in the streets.

Taking the Castle

Find Riley and take his persona for your own.

Maze of Blood

The bio bomb will allow you to take out groups by tossing around living bombs.

Alpha Wolf

Earn the Pack Leader ability and you'll be able to summon several powerful infected brawlers to your side.

Fall from Grace

Despite its size, the goliath is a real push over. Destroy it and gain access to the Red Zone.

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Green Zone Blacknet


The Blacknet missions within the Green Zone have many objectives that can take quite a bit of time to complete.

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Red Zone Collectibles




Times Square

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