Prototype 2 Gameplay Gallery

Take a look at our gameplay gallery for Prototype 2 to see new protagonist James Heller in action.


It was great fun playing as Alex Mercer in the first Prototype. When approaching an enemy you were offered a range of ways to obliterate your foe: turn your fists into hammers, rip them in two, or simply throw them through the air.

In Prototype 2, James Heller is the hero, and he wants revenge after his family die at the hands of the Blackwatch virus. Martial law has been declared, the city is in chaos, and walking corpses have been seen.

Like Mercer, Heller will gain the ability to leave a trail of devastation behind him. But it's not all throwing jeeps at helicopters: at times you'll have to decide to flee and fight another day, while stealth challenges force you to rethink your approach. But just as there's a time to run or hide, there are plenty of opportunities to fight as well. Take a look at James Heller in action.

A Time to Run

A Time to Hide

A Time to Fight

Let us know your thoughts on these gameplay movies in the comments box. Prototype 2 will be available to buy from 24 April on the PS3 and Xbox 360, while PC gamers will need to wait until late July.

For more on Prototype 2, check out our interview with Radical Entertainment producer Jonathan Lim video below.

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