Prototype 1 and 2 Xbox One/PS4 Now Available Individually

You can now buy the action games outside of the Biohazard bundle for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


When Prototype and Prototype 2 were unceremoniously released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last month, they were available only as part of a two-game "Biohazard" bundle. But that's no longer the case.

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The games are now available to buy individually for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The original Prototype sells for $30, while the sequel goes for $40.

If you're sure you want both, the Biohazard bundle is the way to go, as it sells for $50.

You can click through the links below to queue up your download right now.

Both games were originally developed by Activision's Radical Entertainment in Canada, a studio that, in the wake of poor Prototype 2 sales, was effectively closed. A technical analysis of the new HD versions revealed that Activision's claims of improved frame rate were unfounded.

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