Proto Man leads Mega Man 9 DLC

First round of downloadable content for Capcom's 8-bit revival includes Endless Attack mode, Blue Bomber's forerunner; WiiWare today, PSN/360 this week.


Mega Man 9

Depending on any given gamer's platform of preference, Mega Man 9 has been available for purchase on all three current-generation consoles for up to two weeks. Working with robot-like efficiency, though, Capcom said today that it already has the first wave of downloadable content ready to go.

There was another.
There was another.

The Mega Man 9 DLC is available today for the WiiWare edition of the game, with the Xbox Live pack out tomorrow and the PlayStation Network download following on Thursday. Taking top billing from the DLC is the new Proto Man mode, which lets gamers swap out the Blue Bomber for his titular prototype.

Proto Man's abilities vary from Mega Man's. Proto Man packs the charge shot and powerslide abilities and wields a shot-reflecting shield. Balancing out his pros, Proto Man takes double the damage of Mega Man and is knocked back twice as far when hit. Capcom notes that there is no story mode for Proto Man, and he cannot be used with ranking or challenge modes.

Mega Man 9 gamers will also be able to download the Endless Attack mode this week. Not to belie the name, Endless Attack mode is a competitive stage that has no set end. Gamers compete to see who can make it the farthest, and the results are logged on the game's rankings page.

Capcom had not revealed pricing information for either content pack as of press time. For more on Mega Man 9, check out GameSpot's review.

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