Protest Over Mortal Kombat

Protest has sparked in Chicago over the city's decision to grant Midway funding.


Mortal Kombat has always been considered to be one of the gaming industry's most controversial game series. Over the years, it has sparked criticism of the gaming industry from government officials and anti-violence groups. Now once again the series is the cause of controversy. Some 20 people marched on Chicago's City Hall on Thursday to protest a US$2 million grant to convince game developer Midway to stay in Chicago. As reported by the Associated Press, the group, which calls itself the Christian peacemakers, doesn't believe that Midway, maker of Mortal Kombat, should receive government money. "Public money should not be going to companies that sell violent war toys for children,'' said Erin Kindy, a spokesperson for the group.

Chicago approved the Midway grant in December '99, when the company stated that it intended to leave the city (Insiders hinted that Midway was tempted to move to California). "They made it very clear to us they were going to relocate ... which would've been more than 700 jobs,'' said city-planning spokesperson Becky Carroll. What effect these protesters will have remains to be seen.

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