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Protect Your Sensitive Data With This Decentralized Cloud Storage Plan

Use encrypted cloud storage to prevent anyone from reading your personal information.


If you rely on cloud storage for work or personal data, you know how nerve-wracking it can be to worry about a data breach. It seems like every week there is news of new data theft, hacking, or other major breaches of private data. You’re going to need a service that can guarantee your privacy and the safety of your information. Lucky for you, Internxt has been pioneering the use of decentralized cloud storage, it's like blockchain for your information. Right now Internxt is offering new subscribers a fantastic deal: a 1-year subscription to their 2TB decentralized cloud storage service for only $10. That’s 92% off the regular price of $126.

Featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, TechRadar, and Android Authority, Internxt has been at the forefront of data privacy and security, and their cloud storage service is proof of that. Their storage has three features that make it unique. First, your data has end-to-end encryption so it can’t be read by an unintended recipient. Second, the data is broken into smaller fragments so that if someone obtains it without the decryption key, it's unreadable. Third and finally is the zero-knowledge storage: Only the user has the decryption key to guarantee that your data is viewable only to you. Your information is sealed and protected in a digital vault, and you’re the only one with the keys: total information privacy for less than $1/month.

That security doesn’t require sacrifice though, as Internxt Decentralized Cloud Storage Service still has the features that make cloud storage so popular. Sharing with other clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and iCloud is simple and easy. You can also sync your Internxt Cloud Storage across multiple devices, so you never worry about access. Along with the easy-to-use interface and reliable customer support, you’ll never have a problem integrating Internxt as part of all your data storage needs.

For complete internet data security, you can't beat Internxt, and at $10 for a year-long subscription , it's more affordable than ever to protect your information.

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