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Prominent WoW Character Officially Revealed As Trans

The bronze dragon in gnome form, Chromie, is officially transgender, as revealed in the new Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth book.

Chromie, World of Warcraft's bronze dragon Chronormu in female gnome form, has officially been revealed as transgender in a new book, Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth.

A short story centered on Chromie's origins is featured prominently in the collection of various tales from across WoW lore, which some fans have received ahead of the book's official May 25 release date. The story's narrator begins by referring to Chromie as he/him, but once Chromie undergoes a right of passage known as the Visage Ceremony, the character is referred to as she/her in both her gnome and dragon forms.

WoW narrative lead Steve Danuser jumped on Twitter to clarify fan questions about Chromie's pronouns.

While many fans have long been speculated that Chromie was trans or gender-fluid, it's nice to see Blizzard make it official and flesh out the character's backstory after all these years.

Chromie isn't the first trans character in the WoW universe, but she is certainly the most prominent. She first appeared in vanilla WoW as a quest-giving NPC inside a deserted inn within the Western Plaguelands. Since then she's regularly been involved in any WoW storyline involving time travel, and was recently more heavily incorporated into the game as the NPC who allows players to access older expansions in the leveling revamp that happened prior to the release of the game's latest expansion, Shadowlands. She can also be seen in the announcement trailer for WoW Classic, where she boldly states "someone once said you can't go home again, but they lacked vision--and a temporal discombobulator." Chromie is playable in Blizzard's mostly abandoned MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, as well.

WoW players are currently in wait mode, as players of Shadowlands are still awaiting the expansion's first major content patch, Chains of Domination, while WoW Classic players get ready to step through the Dark Portal with the arrival of The Burning Crusade Classic on June 1.

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