Proleague line-up changes for Round 2

As the second round of Proleague soon is upon us, the participating teams have now updated their rosters in the off-season.


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Amidst retirements as well as tranisitions within their organisations, the team who has added the most players to their Proleague roster is Prime, who have added a total of three players in former fOu coach Lee 'Choya' Hyung Seop, Lee 'MarineKing' Jung Hoon who has returned to SC2 following his attempt at a career in League of Legends, as well as the sole remaining non-Korean pro player currently residing in Korea Ryan 'State' Visbeck. How often the American protoss will appear on-stage is yet to be seen.

Summary of the roster-changes can be viewed below:

Incredible Miracle:

  • Ads remaining StarTale players to their roster given StarTale's recent collaboration with IM

CJ Entus:

  • Koh 'GuMiho' Byung Jae is added on to the active roster.
  • Song 'SonGDuri' Young Jin is removed from the roster due to retiring.

Samsung Galaxy Khan:

  • Nam 'Hurricane' Ki Woong is added on to the active roster.
  • Ji 'Kop' Dong Won is removed from the roster. No reason has been given as of yet.

KT Rolster:

  • Kim 'Sleep' Sung Han is added on to the active roster.
  • Koh 'Hoejja' Kang Min transitioned from player coach to coach.
  • Joo 'Zest' Sung Wook becomes the team captain.
  • Kang 'H.O.T-forever' Doh Gyung becomes the SC2 division's head coach as the team's former head coach Lee Ji Hoon focuses all his efforts on the organisation's LoL division.


  • Lee 'MarineKing' Jung Hoon, Ryan 'State' Visbeck and Lee 'Choya' Hyung Seop joins the active roster.
  • Kim 'Cezanne' Jung Hwan joins the team as head coach.

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