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Project Zomboid Could Release On Console, But It Won't Be Easy

Problems with how the game is coded has prevented The Indie Stone from porting it.


Project Zomboid is currently only available on PC, but the team behind the game hasn't ruled out potential ports in the future.

Despite having been released almost 10 years ago, Project Zomboid is still only available on PC. That's partially because the game is still in early access, making it a constant work in progress over the past decade. But according to developer The Indie Stone, some kind of port could still eventually happen, though it doesn't sound like it will be an easy task.

"The way [Project Zomboid] is coded means that it is extremely difficult to port. As such we are currently only focusing on our current platforms, but nothing is ruled out for the future," wrote the developer on its official Twitter account, responding to a user asking about a mobile or console port. This obviously isn't an outright confirmation, but for the Project Zomboid fan looking to play it elsewhere, it's at least the smallest bit of hope.

Project Zomboid is currently on build 41, released in December 2021, with build 42 currently in development. The Indie Stone released a project roadmap for future builds, with 42 including expanded crafting and balance, though it hasn't been released as of yet. Further builds include the introduction of NPCs in build 43, with builds 44 through 48 also focusing on NPCs in various ways. Build 42 was meant to release in 2022, though The Indie Stone did note it wouldn't release anything unless it was confident in it.

There are also Rimworld-like priority and job systems planned, as well as things like personality systems and procedural storytelling systems, though no word on when we can expect these additions.

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