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Where To Find Guns In Project Zomboid

Guns are a useful, albeit risky, tool to use in Project Zomboid.


In Project Zomboid, just about anything can be used to take down a zombie--your bare hands, a spoon, a crafted weapon, or a machete that you manage to find lying around are all capable of putting the undead back down. But the easiest way to kill a zombie is, unsurprisingly, a quick shot to the head. Guns are a useful, although dangerous tool in Project Zomboid. Luckily, finding one isn't too hard. Here's where to find guns in Project Zomboid.

Zombies don't need those

By far the easiest way to get a gun in Project Zomboid is by killing the undead owner of one. Pretty much every member of every profession in Project Zomboid has been, well, zombified, and that includes cops. Getting a weapon off a zombie is as simple as taking them down and looting it off their twice-dead corpse. Simply look for the closest undead police officer and take their guns.

The easiest way to find a gun? Take down your nearest undead police officer.
The easiest way to find a gun? Take down your nearest undead police officer.

There are a couple of downsides to getting a gun like this, of course. First, you have to fight off a zombie, which can always turn into a deadly scrap. And secondly, you're not likely to find a ton of ammo. People don't just walk around carrying boxes of ammunition, and that's reflected in Project Zomboid. You might find some spare bullets and a full clip or magazine, but that'll be about it.

Get to looting

Like just about every other item in the game, if you want to find a gun you'll have to go looking where you think they would spawn. Intuition is a fantastic tool in Project Zomboid and you should always follow it. Guns spawn exactly where you would imagine: military checkpoints are loaded with high-end weapons and police stations pack the usual pistols and shotguns.

Gun cases can be found in cabinets and used to store guns and ammo.
Gun cases can be found in cabinets and used to store guns and ammo.

If you manage to find a well-to-do neighborhood however, take a look around the cabinets in their bedrooms. Chances are you'll find at least one gun case, which can be packed with a pistol or long rifle and plenty of ammo.

Gun safety 101

Once you actually have a gun, load it with ammunition and rack it back, you're ready to quickly return a zombie to its previous, completely dead state. But there's one question that has to be answered before you pull that trigger: is it worth it? A number of things attract zombie hoards in Project Zomboid–house alarms, car horns, etc.-- but nothing will set a horde on you like a gunshot.

If you're in a desperate situation and need to get zombies off your back, then absolutely use a gun and get ready to run. Otherwise, keep that heater in its holster and beat down the undead the good ol' fashioned way.

For those of you just looking to survive your first day in Project Zomboid, a gun won't really help but our guide on surviving the game's opening hours just might.

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