Project xCloud iOS Preview Is Already At Full Capacity

Ready, set, g--oh, you missed it.


Microsoft announced that its ambitious game streaming service, Project xCloud, would begin limited testing on iOS devices, following months of Android-only testing. The company warned that it expected spots to go fast, and sure enough, it's already reached capacity.

Microsoft spokesperson Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) gave the word on Twitter. He did note that this is initial capacity, so more will probably be added from the waitlist as the test continues. In the initial announcement, Microsoft said that the limited space meant it would be cycling through registrants, and so those who got in early may not keep their access for the duration of the testing.

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This initial test is only available in a few territories--namely the US, UK, and Canada--and doesn't enable Xbox console streaming like the Android version of the test. It's also limited to a single game, the Halo Master Chief Collection. To participate you need an iPhone or iPad running iOS13.0 or later, a Gamertag, a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller, and a data plan that supports 10Mbps-down bandwidth.

Microsoft is ramping up its cloud gaming plans, most recently announcing a partnership with Samsung to bring xCloud to its mobile devices. Though it hasn't detailed how this will tie into its plans for Xbox Series X, cloud gaming is definitely a big part of the future for Microsoft--to the point that Xbox head Phil Spencer says its chief competition will be Amazon and Google.

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