Project Three adds Termite Games

The Dutch publisher takes over the Swedish studio currently developing the tactical shooter New World Order.


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Netherlands-based game publisher Project Three Interactive has announced that it has acquired Swedish game developer Termite Games. Termite is currently developing the tactical first-person shooter New World Order, which is scheduled to be published in May by Project Three.

"We already considered Termite to be a very talented team, so when the opportunity arose for this takeover, we moved in very quickly," Project Three CEO Robert Ercevic said. "They have really created a revolutionary 3D engine and with New World Order as the first game being made with it, we think the first-person shooter community will be absolutely amazed. We are just thrilled they're now part of us and look forward to bringing their superb technology and games to various gaming platforms for years to come."

New World Order will let players assume the role of a member of one of two organizations: the Global Assault Team, an advanced police squad, or The Syndicate, a powerful criminal organization. The game will feature five character classes and a variety of weapons, and it will include single-player and co-op missions and a team-based multiplayer mode. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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