Project Origin haunts Q1 2009

Monolith's spiritual successor to 2005's paranormal shooter F.E.A.R. ships out on the 360, PS3, and PC early next year.


In 2006, F.E.A.R. creator Monolith Productions said that it would be soldiering on with a sequel to its paranormal shooter, despite losing the rights to the franchise's name to Vivendi Games after being bought out by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. Since then, work on the game has proceeded in earnest, with the developer eliciting fans' help to redub the game Project Origin.

The product of a broken home.
The product of a broken home.

This week, Warner Bros. and Monolith are showing the game at the Leipzig Games Convention. As part of its presence there, the publisher has confirmed for GameSpot that Project Origin will commence haunting the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in Q1 2009.

Vivendi Games--now Activision Blizzard--may own the F.E.A.R. name, but Monolith has retained the rights to the franchise's universe. As such, Project Origin picks up where the critically acclaimed 2005 original left off. Players once again assume the role of the newest member of the First Encounter Assault Recon squad, which is in search of a supremely creepy child known as Alma.

For more on Project Origin, check out GameSpot's most recent look at the game from E3 2008.

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yes the games is good

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Hmm If its for pc then ill play it if its for xbox 360 or ps3 ill probably play it at my freinds

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ahhhhhhhhhh u kiddin me?god give us the power of waiting.

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Hey, when is the real release date for this games... FEAR sequel... awesome.... Hope this will more btter then the second expansion pack FEAR Perseus Mandate.. Since the second expansion pack are really suck...

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O it will be, I don't mind the delay of games, if they are accully going to work the kinks out of the game, but if they delay it and the game is still buggy, one wonders what they were doing for those extra months

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fine... but it better be highly worth wait.

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I loved F.E.A.R. and finished it on extreme difficulty on my very first playthrough. There was the single most impressive AI I've ever encountered in any game from this millenium, if not ever. I just hope these changes and additions won't make the sequel bland. And to anyone who claims F.E.A.R. was too monotonous (not enough environments, or enemy types) to keep you interested for entire game's length, try Space Hulk. Man, some people were so obsessed with not liking this game to such extent that one guy told me that AI was totally scripted and linear.

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well i played F.E.A.R and this game sux so i pass this time

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Sucks, this was going to be one of the big hitters for the holiday season, one of the only titles worth looking forward to =/...hope they improve the gameplay and the scare tactics =D

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F.E.A.R. Extraction Point was good enough as a sequel and expansion pack. I liked it enough but it wasn't as good as the original game. F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate on the other hand did suck balls and I pray that this game does deliver.

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I really hope that they change the scary moments. I really love them, but sometimes I feel there's not enough of them and when they are happening a lot of them are to obvious. The lights and the radio always tends to flicker when "she" comes. Or somehow incorporate scary parts WHILE your fighting, I could always tell "Jeez I haven't fought in a while, where's that girl already?!". Like throw her face on your screen while your fighting a mob.

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Well I liked the first Fear games, and from what I've seen they're putting quite a bit of effort into the second one, probably just because they're trying to establish the 'Project Origin' name, so this is a game that I'm looking out for.

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If there is ever a petition to call this game Fear 2, and take the name back from Vivendi, who will only soil the name, I will sign. Project Origin, although fitting, is a terrible name. I always forget it is the sequel to Fear. In my book, this will always be FEAR 2, and Vivendi's "Fear 2" will be "A watered down, crappy Fear wanna be" That's what they should call it. :)

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I won't play it unless all the enviroments look the same.... I fear change

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Oh, good. It misses the holiday Rush. Sorry FEAR, but Fallout>you.

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It stinks that it is being pushed back.

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Not so interested in this game. Prefer fatal frame.

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Ive played all the fear games working on pearsus mandate now but i got to tell you this game looks good .Hopefully will have its creepy moments like the original

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loose=lose, El Oh El editor.

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can't wait

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Now this is the game I truly want! Hope it is just as good, or even better than the first F.E.A.R. (one of my all time favs)

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I wasn't a big fan of F.E.A.R, but this looks as if it improves on the original.

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i really think we need more horror games so i am looking forward to this game. i really want to see a spec list for this game

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Project Origin should be worth the long wait into 2009.

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Okassar hype doesnt mean crap even if certain games fall short of the hype they can still be good it boils down to what ur interested in.

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I love FEAR. It is a great game that handles really well, I love the way it controls. FPS's sometimes the controls can be a bit finicky and you have to get use to the setup, but FEAR as soon as you start playing it's a smooth ride, well balanced game.

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To be brutally honest, the F.E.A.R. brand has been severely harmed by Perseus Mandate and the like, but the first game was, and still is, great. You were too powerful for the game to be as scary as intended (a GRAW level of difficulty & vulnerability would have been better), so I'm hoping the difficulty is raised (or options for higher difficulties). Let's just hope that the game raises the bar from the original and erases the memories of the dated and deeply mediocre expansion/shovelware packs.

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loved fear 1, hope 2 cuts the mustard, we will just have to wait and see. alma better look out, cos im coming for her this time.

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I like Monolith's games, they've been getting better and better over the years, and they do specifically FPS games so they can really refine that genre. I really loved AVP2 and Tron 2.0, and lately games like Condemned 2 and F.E.A.R. are remarkable, F.E.A.R. on the PC was a resource hog and on the consoles they had to scale down the physics and destructable environments, but after seeing how smoothly they made things run in Condemned 2 I think they really know how to efficiently harness the power of the X360 and PS3, not to mention they've really gotten better at the whole survival-horror aspect of their games. Too bad though, I was hoping Project Origin would be here by the last quarter of '08. Though, I heard F.E.A.R. Files sucked, but Monolith didn't do that one, Vivendi was responsible for that. I'm glad Monolith will be back on Project Origin. Plus, developers have been upping the ante with the destructable environments, games like Stranglehold and Bad Company and even Gears of War 2 looks promising. I'm sure whatever Monolith comes up with will be bold.

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looks good, not as scary as fear though.

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@Okassar You are a true tit...

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I thought we were playing as a new character not the F.E.A.R. Point Man from the first game.

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I can't wait to get my hands on this game! It's going to be great!

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i still can't figure out what idiot decided he wanted the F.E.A.R. name and not the rights to the universe... such supreme genius.

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Lol @ okassar having Shadowrun on his Wish List.

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@okassar: That is the dumbest thing you could ever do! Buy a game off of hype? Idiotic...

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Sick can't wait! Fear Alma again!

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It's definitely good news it goes delayed to Q1 09. One more game that people won't have a chance to ignore this holiday now, and will get a chance to play it early next year where there is less clutter.

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like their isn't enough games out already. i'll be waiting

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okassar: Sorry but that's the must ignorant thing I've heard in a while. Good luck with that.

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don't worry monolith, you just polish up that game, its not that long a wait! i still play the old fear from time to time, the expansions i only played once and that was it, they were ok but inferior.

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This game is a must to add to my collection.

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I like a game that doesn't need a **it-load of hype to get people to play it. FEAR was a sick game, especially if you want a tough AI. PO looks better, and Monolith knows how to keep it real. I am pre-ordering this now.

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that almost felt more like an ad than an article

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I will buy this if it has a good story. The story in FEAR was very unsatisfying.

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can't wait!

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To tell you the truth,I only buy games that are hyped AND end up good(if it's hyped and ends up OK or bad,then I don't by it--- i.e.,Too Human),and since I barely ever heard of Project Origin,I already decided I'm not buying it.80 percent of the time,a game that isn't hyped up is either ok or bad.Yes,there's the other 20 percent,but w/e I don't care.I followed these guidelines ever since I came into gaming,and I NEVER bought a bad,or even an OK game,so I end up buying the best games and not spending as much money as some people do.I suggest you do the same.

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