Project Magnum Looks Like Destiny With Even Bigger Monsters

Nexon's tentatively titled Project Magnum looks big on action and Destiny-inspired warriors battling gigantic monsters.


Nexon and developer NAT Games have revealed a first look at the upcoming loot shooter that's currently titled Project Magnum.

At first glance it appears to be inspired by Destiny, but other than the idea of unlocking powerful new abilities, co-op teams taking on legions of enemies that vaguely resemble the Cabal, and what appears to be an all-powerful giant golf ball in the sky, the game has a number of features to help it stand out.

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As a third-person game, Project Magnum is focused on PvE activities, many of which feature gigantic enemies that players will have to work to take down. Another key feature is an energy-based grappling hook that can be used to quickly maneuver around the battlefield when the titanic enemies unleash a barrage of attacks.

Project Magnum also happens to have some impressive visuals, with the PS5 trailer below showing off some detailed environments, particle effects, and a high frame rate for all the action.

Nexon has primarily made a name for itself as a publisher in the South Korean and Japanese markets with a combination of mobile and traditional games, with MapleStory being one of its biggest success stories. NAT Games functions as a subsidiary of Nexon Korea and has worked on Counter-Strike Online and Final Fantasy XIV.

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