Project M morphs into Moon

Latest DS offering from Dementium team Renegade Kid is officially named, billed as a "menacing" sci-fi game.


Renegade Kid's next project had so far only been codenamed as Project M, but today the company revealed the proper name: Moon.

Moon will be Renegade Kid's first DS project after Dementium: The Ward, which brought all the fun of the survival-horror genre to the handheld.

The new game promises more of the same creepiness seen in Dementium, and will be a sci-fi action adventure set on the moon. It's the year 2058, and researchers working on the lunar surface discover evidence of alien life as they are constructing a space base.

Mastiff (of Major League Eating: The Game fame) will be publishing Moon, which does not yet have an expected time of arrival. Bill Swartz, the self-titled "head woof" at Mastiff, commented, "Moon is dark, twisted, heart-pounding, frequently violent, and always disturbing."

The game will use the same 3D engine the team used to create Dementium: The Ward.

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