Project Jane-J put on hold

Jane Jensen announces that Project Jane-J, also known as Gray Matter, has been put on hold.


Nearly a year after she announced she was working on a new game, Gabriel Knight designer Jane Jensen has revealed that development of the title has temporarily ceased.

In a recent interview with Just Adventure, Jensen confirmed that the supernatural adventure game, tentatively titled Project Jane-J, has been put on hold. “Dreamcatcher’s big adventure game titles like Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon and Syberia have not been very profitable," she said, "and they could not justify putting a large budget into the title."

Project Jane-J, which has also gone by the handle Gray Matter, may eventually be resurrected by Jensen's new development company, Oberon Media. However, Jensen is not optimistic about the future of the adventure genre. “The times and the demographics have changed, and today’s marketplace will not support a big-budget adventure game as evidenced by the recent cancellations of Uru Live and Sam and Max 2," she said. "We need to find a way to make adventure games financially viable again.”

GameSpot will bring you more information on the status of Project Jane-J as soon as it becomes available.

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