Project Gotham Racing 2 Hands-On

We check out the sequel to Bizarre Creations' upcoming Xbox racer.


Project Gotham Racing 2

We had a chance to check out Project Gotham Racing 2 over at the Microsoft E3 booth, which had a big area devoted to the online multiplayer portion of the game. Much like the original game, Project Gotham 2 places a strong emphasis on powersliding and driving with a certain amount of style, awarding you with points depending on how well you're driving. If you smash into a wall or any other object in the environment, then any points you had for sliding into a turn will automatically be taken away.

The controls in the game are pretty solid. Any fan of arcade-style racing will be able to jump right into the game and almost immediately get a good feel for the controls. Indeed, it doesn't even really take that long to become accustomed to the powersliding, and you'll more than likely be racking up the style points in no time.

What's particularly impressive about Project Gotham Racing 2 is the damage model for the cars. Small bumps will cause your car to get a few dents and dings, while a major collision will seriously wreck the exterior of your car. The car models (when they're not wrecked) all look quite good, with the Ferrari looking especially impressive. The Moscow track also looked really good and had plenty of detail, including well-known landmarks such as the Kremlin. It's also worth noting that the majority of the textures in the environments all look really crisp.

Project Gotham Racing 2 is scheduled for release early next year.

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