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Project Eve Is Now Stellar Blade, New PS5 Trailer Shows Action Combat

A new trailer of Project Eve debuted at the PlayStation State of Play, including its finalized title: Stellar Blade.


Shift Up's action-packed PS5 game Project Eve debuted a new trailer at the PlayStation State of Play, along with its new title: Stellar Blade. The trailer showed more of what we expected from the first look, with a little more story context as well.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, the title refers to the Latin word for stars, along with the "blade" that represents the lead character, Eve.

The cinematic showed a transhumanist old man speaking about the fall of humanity, followed by a couple of characters exploring a vast area full of people in hibernation. One of the begs for help from Eve, and then we get a little taste of combat against some creepy organic-looking creatures. The blog details how Eve lands with her comrades on the ruins of earth and finds a survivor named Adam. He shows her to the city of Zion where the quest starts in earnest.

As before, the action looks frenetic and quick, with your character transitioning between melee and gun-based combat. When the game was first announced, a blog post also detailed its traversal like scaling walls and swinging on ropes. The DualSense will be used to let you feel the sensation of blade slices and skills. It also has some RPG and character progression hooks.

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