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Project Eternity in-game footage released

Obsidian Entertainment releases first video of upcoming isometric RPG showing off dynamic lighting and environments.


Obsidian Entertainment today released a video showing off the first in-game footage for its upcoming isometric role-playing game Project Eternity. The video does not showcase actual gameplay, but rather various dynamic elements and exterior environments powered by the Infinity Engine.

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Giving background for the video, project director Josh Sawyer explained that Obsidian had three goals in mind when creating environments for Project Eternity. He said the environment's art should hit a "high standard" of visual fidelity, be unique, and be dynamic.

"We believe we hit all of those goals," Sawyer said.

Dynamism in Project Eternity includes trees and grass that sway, water that can be raised or lowered, and a day/night cycle as well as dynamic lighting of scenes in real-time.

"In a 2D game, this required our programmers and artists to come up with some creative solutions. What they came up with surprised us initially and it continues to amaze us," Sawyer wrote on the Kickstarter blog. "While we are still working on refining some of the dynamic elements, we're very happy with the progress we've been able to make and hope you feel the same way."

Project Eternity is expected to launch by April 2014.

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