Project Eternity gets first screenshot

First image for Obsidian's PC role-playing game depicts lush environment; company says tech advancements will allow for greater detail.


Obsidian Entertainment has released the first screenshot (below) for its Kickstarter-funded isometric PC role-playing game currently titled Project Eternity.

Project Eternity is coming to life.
Project Eternity is coming to life.

The image depicts a lush environment, complete with a basic campsite, a waterfall, and what appears to be an entrance to a dungeon.

According to Obsidian, though Project Eternity is being designed like its previous Infinity Engine games, the company now has more advanced rendering packages to leverage. The developer says this will allow the studio to create more realistic trees and grass, which appear in the screenshot.

The Kickstarter campaign for Project Eternity ends in four days on October 16. It has rocketed past its original $1.1 million funding target, landing close to $2.8 million from about 58,000 backers as of press time.

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