Project Entropia beta begins

MindArk's upcoming online role-playing game enters the beta-testing phase.


MindArk AB has announced that its upcoming online role-playing game, Project Entropia, has entered the first phase of beta testing. Although the initial beta involves technical tests with a small group of testers, future beta tests will include thousands more testers. Project Entropia will feature a unique business model for online role-playing games. Rather than requiring players to pay a monthly subscription fee, MindArk will instead support the game through in-game commerce. Players will be able to convert real-world money into gameworld money and then purchase weapons, armor, and other items for their characters. Similarly, if a player acquires items through traditional adventuring, they can sell those in-game items for real-world money.

For more information, take a look at our extensive interview with MindArk's Patric Sundstrom about the game. To find out more about the beta test, or apply to be a tester, visit the official Project Entropia Web site.

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