Project Eden Shots

We've got shots from the first- and third-person shooter from the makers of Tomb Raider.


Earlier today, we got a chance to see Project Eden at the Eidos offices in San Francisco. The game is an action shooter set in the distant future that can be played from either the first- or third-person perspective. Project Eden is being developed by Core Design, the same development team responsible for the original Tomb Raider, and will ship in the first months of 2001 for both Dreamcast and PC platforms.

In Project Eden, you assume the role of Carter, the leader of a squad of special operatives sent into the bowels of a decaying metropolis to investigate a series of crimes. Initially, your squad consists of three other members, but later on in the game your ranks will swell to include several others. You're able to give your party a wind range of tactical commands like attacking an enemy or defending a certain location. These squad members aren't just mindless AI buddies, however, as you'll be able to switch between any and all of the members in your party anytime during the game. In fact, switching between characters will be a prerequisite to finishing Project Eden, since every level will have numerous puzzles that require the cooperation of the entire team to complete.

We'll have a full preview of Project Eden in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we've lined up a number of new screenshots taken from the game.

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