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Created by members of the team that did the original Tomb Raider, Project Eden is a squad-based action-adventure that combines first-person shooting and character interaction.


The designers of the original Tomb Raider have been hard at work since completing the action-adventure smash hit: They've been developing Project Eden, a genre-blending game that combines squad-based tactics and adventure-game elements, as well as first- and third-person action, all in a huge science-fiction setting. Project Eden shows some similarity to Tomb Raider, which is most evident in the game's third-person perspective - but just as the game uses an all-new proprietary 3D engine, so too will it have completely different play mechanics.

Project Eden's setting is reminiscent of Blade Runner and other such science fiction worlds. Due to severe over-population, humankind has nowhere left to build but straight up. And as such, the rich and affluent are able to commission high-level suites that bask in the sunlight, whereas the rest of humanity is quite literally left as bottom-feeders. Before long, each huge structure has become like a massive inner city unto itself, and Project Eden takes place in one such structure. You'll control four members of the Urban Protection Agency who're called in to investigate a bizarre equipment malfunction at a meat-processing plant. But what seems like a routine investigation turns out to be the beginning of a much more important mission.

Your four operatives will have different skills and proficiencies, as well as different personalities. All of the characters move fluidly and realistically as they explore the ominous environs. One of the more interesting members of your squad is what seems like a teenage girl wearing a gigantic metal power suit. You'll also have remote control over various robots that might have access to areas your human characters won't. It's uncertain as of this time to what extent you'll have to coordinate your forces, and how the game's campaign is structured. However, be sure to look for our exclusive Q&A with the game's developers at Core, as well as our hands-on impressions of the game from the show floor.

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