Project Dust (working title) First Look

Ubisoft unveils a previously unannounced god sim at its E3 2010 press conference.


From Dust

Earlier today, toward the end of its E3 2010 press conference, Ubisoft showed off early gameplay footage from a previously unannounced game titled, at least for the moment, Project Dust. Very few details were given, but the trailer was narrated in the first-person by a deity that you will clearly control. Your people, who in the trailer took the form of a mask-wearing tribe, are apparently in trouble and so, as their god, you must save them.

While it's conceivable that Project Dust will be much more ambitious in scope than Populous, what was shown of the gameplay was very reminiscent of that Molyneux classic. A large translucent icon resembling a hand was the only interface element evident, and with it the player was able to terraform, creating mountains or forcing ground down into the water with enough speed to catch the tribe unawares.

That's about all we have on Project Dust for now, save for a release date of spring 2011. We look forward to bringing you more information on this exciting downloadable title as soon as possible.

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