Project Cars 3 Will Be "Much More Welcoming" To New Players

Slightly Mad Studios has made a number of changes to Project Cars 3 to better support franchise newcomers.


Following the official reveal of Project Cars 3, developer Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed that the upcoming racing simulator--due out this summer for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One--will be "much more welcoming" than previous entries in the series.

In an interview with IGN, Slightly Mad's Joe Barron (marketing and esports manager) and Pete Morrish (director of production) talked about some of the new changes made to Project Cars 3 to ensure that newcomers feel supported during their sessions. This includes things like rebuilding the Career campaign, tweaking the Custom and Multiplayer modes, implementing new car customization features, adding more racing locations like Havana and Shanghai, and much more. All of these improvements should help buyers feel more comfortable picking up Project Cars 3 over Project Cars 2.

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"In that situation, when you've got somebody in a store--looking at the two copies and thinking which one to go for--kinda by definition they're not in the initial target market of Project Cars 2, which was very much towards racing fans and simulation heads and people that were fans of motorsport and so on," Morrish said. "So there are certain things that we've done in Project Cars 3 that make the new version the version that that particular person should go for, at the drop of a hat.

"So that person that's umming and erring between the two versions needs to go for [Project Cars 3], because--as an experience--it's much more their cup of tea, we think. It'll let them find their position on the continuum between casual, mass-market racing fan or petrol head, all the way to hardcore sim racer."

One of the adjustments, in particular, made to Project Cars 3 is game-feel. Slightly Mad has added some new features that change the car handling for both gamepad and wheel users. Force feedback for wheel users should be more accurate in Project Cars 3, with breaking and cornering getting fine-tuned to be smoother. Gamepad users should feel something similar, as Slightly Mad has adjusted how the game reads left analog stick input. It's all in an effort to ease players into the racing sim genre while providing plenty of opportunities for racers to experiment with gameplay settings to find their preferred playstyle.

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