Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Hands-On

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Developer Level-5's trilogy of charming puzzle adventures is finally making its way to North America. The first Professor Layton game was a delightful adventure starring the professor and his sidekick, Luke, who traveled to the mysterious village of St. Mystere to find the Golden Apple. The second game, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, seems to follow the same successful formula, with a blend of logic puzzles and a fascinating story.

The story begins with Professor Layton and Luke boarding the luxurious Molentary Express. Professor Layton had received a letter earlier from his mentor, which talked about a mysterious box that kills all those who open it. From what we played of the demo, it's very much like the previous game in which you explore the locations that you're in and find puzzles to solve. You'll interact with other characters and learn more about this diabolical box, referred to as the Elysian box. Since the professor is all about solving mysteries, their journey will no doubt include a variety of clever puzzles to tackle.

The endearing characters return, but instead of spending their time in the quiet European countryside, the professor and Luke travel cross-country by train to various locations. The game retains its impressive hand-drawn visuals and high-quality full-motion video. The demo was incredibly short, so we didn't explore as much as we would have liked, but the puzzles are fun and range in difficulty.

As in the first game, you'll primarily use the stylus to move from one still location to another, poking around to find hint coins and hidden puzzles. Characters you'll encounter will also give you some brain teasers to solve before they give you the information you want. The Diabolical Box will have more than 150 new logic puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles. Once you've solved them all, additional puzzles will be released each week for a limited time.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is set to be released on August 24.

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hope they will translate the rest of the series too.. great game, and trust me, it wont be repetitive, it's addictive

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i don't think so i bet you anything the game is going to be repetitive and pretty boring after you've played the first one

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I absolutely loved the first game and I can't for this game to come out!

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Can't wait for this one... The curious village still haunts me sometimes. I missed one puzzle on my first playthrough, so now I'm challenging my family to try some of the puzzles once in a while. In the mean time I started a new game to find that puzzle to complete the collection. Guess I need to hurry if I want to be done by August.

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I've wanted this forever!! Looks awesome.

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whoops i meant 5th one! tee heee

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@marioMAN827 i agree the first one was awsome, did u know that this game came out in japan 2 years ago, and there 3rd one is coming out soon! so unfair!!!

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i loved the first one(which i have completed) and i cant wait for this game i will get it!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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The first one was quickly on my list of top 5 best nintendo DS games and games in general. I can't wait for the second!

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I just got my wife a DS last week, and this was one of the games I picked up. We've both had a great time with it so far, and I'm looking forward to grabbing the sequel.

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Not sure

Avatar image for Mortichai

Finally, my girlfriend and I have been waiting for this sequel for the longest time. =)

Avatar image for G00DANG

Loved the first game and can't wait for this!

Avatar image for calvinsora

I can't wait. The first game was incredible, and this one will most likely also be stunning.

Avatar image for wiiplay1

This is one of those classic NDS games that is always great. I bought the first one, and now I can't wait for the second one.

Avatar image for master_hookshot

Yes! Loved the first one, this one will be just as good.

Avatar image for FlamingFury

I think you can use action replay codes to get through the mysterious door.

Avatar image for Dunestar

Wondering how you'll get the code to unlock the Mysterious Door in the first one. But it should be fun!

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This is a must have for any DS user.

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Critical thinking? Reminds me of school. :P

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Gotta watch out for those diabolical boxes...

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Talk about a shock. Two months? I'm gonna have no money for the longest time because of E3.

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Professor! I solved it!

Avatar image for Rebelzource

Cool! *rushes to DS to finish off the first game*

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Loved the first game, and I'm sure they'll do just as well with this one. These are the games that make me love my DS.

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I've been longing for this!!

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havent gotten round to playin the original but im certainly gonna get this one

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sounds awesome

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I M Waitin.........

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don't know, i'll wait and see

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I loved the the Curious Village one on DS. I'll absolutely get this one!! Can't wait!

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I am not a fan of Proffesor Layton. I am not going to get it.

Avatar image for DarkNeoBahamut

good !!

Avatar image for Furanko_Kun

YES F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! I've waiting for this announcement, since hearing that Japan is already one the 4th Layton Game D:

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I can't wait.

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I loved the Curious Village, can;t wait to pick Diabolical Box.

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It was recently announced that there will be more Layton games. The fourth will be released in Japan this fall along with the first Layton movie. I think there'll be six games altogether.

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To peter - Yes,there is another one after this sequel.Also that one has been already released in Japan about 1 year ago.Now there waiting for the prequel while were still waiting for the sequel. =]

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I didnt mine the 1st one, and this one looks pretty gud! And i think theres another one coming after this one...?? I could b mistaken............

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This is awesome! I can't wait! Maybe we could solve puzzles in multiplayer, a little bit like Puzzle Quest and then you play against a friend who solved the puzzle the fastest!