Producer of WW2 FPS Battalion 1944 Says He's "Beyond Excited" for Battlefield 5

"I am beyond excited."


With the next Battlefield game scheduled to come out relatively soon, it looks like publisher Electronic Arts is now showing it off to people. One person who apparently got a peek at the game was Joe Brammer, the executive producer of World War 2 first-person shooter Battalion 1944.

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In a tweet, which has since been deleted but was captured on NeoGAF, Brammer said, "I've seen things #BF5 things and I am beyond excited."

After receive an onslaught of responses, Brammer deleted the tweet. He has since said, "Ha, clearly a mistake on my part! A massive oversight on the desperation for squeezing information! ;)"

Some have also theorized that Brammer's tweet about Battlefield 5 is evidence that the game is set in World War 2. Brammer said he doesn't follow this line of thinking.

"Yeh there is like 0 logic in this analysis lol," he said when presented with the idea that because Battalion 1944 is a World War 2 game, Battlefield 5 would be as well.

In February, a Swiss retailer reportedly listed Battlefield 5 as being set in World War 1. EA has not yet confirmed any official details about the game, but with its release approaching, we're expecting more information soon.

Battlefield 5, or whatever EA decides to call the game, will launch during the second half of EA's fiscal year. That translates to sometime between October 2016 and March 2017. This is the same release window for Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It's possible EA will share more details on Battlefield 5 during its E3 briefing in June, but this is not confirmed.

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