Producer Kenichiro Tsukuda Says He's Going To Make A Daemon X Machina Sequel

It's not an official announcement, but more of a declaration.


Marvelous First Studio wants to make a sequel to Daemon X Machina--in fact, producer Kenichiro Tsukuda has all but announced a follow-up to the game. But don't expect it anytime soon.

"While this isn’t really an announcement, I’d like to make a strong declaration as we end here that we’re going to make a sequel--a ‘2'," Tsukada said during the game's 2nd Anniversary live stream. Tsukuda himself is motivated but said the team at First Studio needs time for testing in order to consider what comes next.

Tsukada said he wants to bring some new employees onboard the studio and since the games industry is always changing as time goes on, he wonders what direction he should take. He's made the declaration for a sequel to Daemon X Machina, but it's going to take some time until it comes out.

In our review of Daemon X Machina, Steve Watts wrote, "The missed potential of the story and minor issues with mech-vs-mech combat and multiplayer loadouts make Daemon X Machina fall just short of its potential, but the foundation is strong. As a total package, it’s on the verge of greatness; it just needed a little more time in the shop tinkering."

Hopefully, First Studio will take the time it needs to create a sequel that builds on the first game while addressing its shortcomings.

Daemon X Machina first launched on Nintendo Switch in September 2019. It was then released on Steam in February 2020. Marvelous even collaborated with CD Projekt Red for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt crossover DLC and brought Geralt and Ciri to Daemon X Machina.

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