Pro Race Driver ships for PS2

Codemasters announces that the PS2 version of its story-driven racer has shipped to stores across North America.


Codemasters has today announced that the PS2 version of Pro Race Driver is now in stores. In much the same way that Codemasters' upcoming Colin McRae Rally 3 allows players to assume the role of Colin himself rather than that of the car, Pro Race Driver puts players into the crash helmet of a fictional driver named Ryan McKane. The main difference between the two games, however, is that Pro Race Driver features a strong narrative that is told through cutscenes in between races in the game's career mode.

Pro Race Driver challenges players to make McKane the World Champion by progressing through the Super Sports, Power Racing, and World championships. Along the way, players have the option to compete in various different tournaments and to drive for a number of different manufacturers and sponsors. In total, the game boasts no fewer than 42 incredibly detailed and fully destructible cars and 38 licensed circuits on which to put them through their paces.

Pro Race Driver is now available for the PS2 and is scheduled for release on the Xbox and Xbox next year. For more information, check out our Xbox of the game.

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