Pro Gaming Team Gets Book Deal, Six-Figure Advance

The book will take you "behind the controller, into the game and the minds of the greatest gamers in the world."


Professional gaming team OpTic Gaming, one of the best and most recognizable Call of Duty squads in the world, has signed a book deal with Harper Collins. In addition, the publishing company reportedly provided a six-figure advance for the first-of-its-kind book dedicated to an esports team.

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An official description of the book, called "The Making of eSports Champions," says it will take fans "behind the controller, into the game and the minds of the greatest gamers in the world." Part memoir, part "insider guide," the book will tell the story of how OpTic rose to prominence in the gaming world.

"They candidly share their story of becoming Call of Duty's global royalty, laying bare their lives, exploring what it takes to make it in professional gaming, and speaking honestly about the consequences of their newfound fame," reads a line from the description.

OpTic members will also share some strategies to help readers improve their own game, though we wouldn't expect the book to give away anything too specific.

ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell says OpTic is the first esports team to sign a book deal and that Harper Collins paid a "six-figure advance" to the players.

"The Making of eSports Champions" goes on sale May 17 and will be available at a variety of physical stores and digital retailers. The paperback edition costs $18, while the digital version will sell for $13. Everyone who preorders the book gets a $5 coupon to spend at the Team OpTic store.

OpTic Gaming is headed up by captain Matt "NaDeSHoT" Haag. You can see the team's current roster for Call of Duty, Halo, and Counter-Strike here on the group's website.

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